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NARSissists (that NARS fans in the know) have waited, and now it’s here: the  NARS FALL 2014 Color Collection called: “Night Caller.”

As NARS puts it, the collection is: “A bold, yet tender palette, dramatic enough to seduce the darkest hour – NARS Cosmetics introduces the captivating scene of the Fall 2014 Color Collection and the new Night Series Eyeliners.”

Translated:  there are products for eyes in shades of amethyst and quartz shadow, three sexy and intense eye liners with purple, gold, and green pearl, lip pencils done up in soft, warm reds, and cheeks glossed with glistening pink.

PENCILS are big this year.  I tried two of NARS’ “focus items.”   The first was the Satin Lip Pencil  (“Bansar”) which is a very intense, moistly-matte, rosed brown. While many of these nudes wash out lips, this one warms them up, but still looks subtle and will work for most skin tones. The pencil feels so soft and luxe, it’s the perfect travel companion for easy and portability. Sex it up with gloss if you must.

Another pencil that I love and that is for me, the star of the entire collection, is the  Night Series eyeliner — soft pencils that really have saturated color and micro-pearls that are luminous (not glittery).  They’re gorgeous!  The second focus item was the  “Night Porter” eye liner. This one is a nearly black,  deep forest green with a luminous shine to it that looks almost like you added a glaze.  it will look great now, and even better with all your Fall accessories and color trend clothing.


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HERE IS THE RUNDOWN ON THE ENTIRE NARS FALL 2014NIGHT CALLER COLLECTION (check out the photo above to see all the colors and products - at NARS boutiques and on; Available August 1, 2014 at Sephora, Dept./Specialty Stores)
Jardin Perdu Duo Eyeshadow, $35 limited edition – (L) metallic dove grey, (R) metallic amethyst

Dolomites Duo Eyeshadow, $35 limited edition – (L) shiny rose quartz, (R) chocolate

Night Bird Eyeliner , $24 – black with purple pearl

Night Flight Eyeliner , $24  – black with cobalt blue pearl

Bansar Satin Lip Pencil, $25 – focus item – rose brown

Night Clubbing Eyeliner, $24 – black with gold pearl

Mondore Satin Lip Pencil, $25 limited edition – cranberry

Night Porter Eyeliner , $24 – focus item –  black with green pearl

Mauritanie Matte Multiple , $39  limited edition –  strawberry red   *due to production issues this product won’t be available.

Unlawful Blush, $30 –  focus item – amber pink with silver pearls


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