New! GUD Stuff! From Burts Bees

I love the products of Burts Bees. They are effective, pleasant, and have lots of skin-loving benefits.  But now Burts Bees has launched a new line called” Güd.” The line features hair, body and hand care, including Body Wash (10 oz $6.99), Shampoo and a  Conditioner (each $12.99 for 12 fl .oz) Body Butter ($11.99 6 o), Body Lotion ($6.99 8 oz), Body Mist (3 oz $5.99), Foaming Hand Wash (8 oz. $4.99) and a Hand Cream (3 pz $7.99).  These budget-friendly, nicely scented products are nicely packaged in plastic pump bottles, tubes and jars, with colorful graphics. There are no phthlates, petrochemicals or parabens (naturally) and none of the products are tested on animals. The products are just lighthearted and pampering, without draining the last cents out of your wallet. But that doesn’t mean the products look, feel or perform “cheap.” In fact the fragrances are lovely, developed with fragrance expert Roger Schmidt, and Givaudan.  They actually have notes (see below).  My favorite product is the foaming hand soap, which is also the least expensive piece in the line. I just love foaming soaps. They large pump bottle makes it easy (and clean) to use, and the hydrating foam is well, fun!
















Güd is currently available in four different scent-nitures:  Floral Cherrynova, Orange Petalooza, Pearanormal Activity and Vanilla Flame. My favorite is “Pearanormal Activity,” sold at Target Stores. It has graphics of pears on the containers, and the products inside really did smell like ripe, juicy, pears.  The top notes are bartlett pear, dewberry, raspberry, with a heart of rhubarb, acai accord, and white flowers, and a drydown of apricot and musk. And the scent stuck around on the hand cream I tried. Not in knock-your-socks-off manner, but just enough so I could enjoy it on my skin for a while longer than expected.

Also fresh and very girly is Floral Cherrynova, with top notes of juicy bing cherries and freen green, a heart of rosewood and a white floral bouquet, and bottom notes of warm milk accord and creamy musk (thos notes almost make you think you’d want to eat it)!

Orange Petalooza is a melange of orange & hyacinth, with top notes of blood orange, pomelo, and green tea, a heart of orange flower, rose and hyacinth, and a drydown of musk and sandalwood.

And for vanilla lovers, there’s Vanilla Flame, a mix of rice milk and vanilla. The actual notes are a top of black current, sweet orange and coconut, a heart of rice milk accord and jasmine, and bottom notes of tonka bean, musk and vanilla. On Vanilla Flame, it really feels like a one-dimensional vanilla note. Not unpleasant, just not super-special.

These Güd products are really exciting. Good stuff!  As I see it, the main differences between Burts Bees and the newly-launched Güd,  are scent, and presentation.  Whereas Burts Bees is good, family-oriented skincare sold in health care stores and places like Whole Foods (as well as mass market retailers), Güd is more girly and glamorous. It’s definitely targeted to younger women who want good skin care, but don’t want it to be so “serious.”

You can find more about Güd online,  and in stores such as Target, Harris Teeter, Kroger, Ulta and Walgreens. If you’ve tried it, please leave a comment in our comments section and tell us what you think!

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  1. Should smell good, i love taking bath. I think i will buy them all.

  2. I have the gud Pearanormal Activity conditioner and it smells awesome. I got it from target for $7.99 It’s not heavy at all and left my hair lightly moisturized and smelling yummy :) I will buy it again.

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