New, Luxurious Color Cosmetics from Lancome’s Bronze Diva Collection, and Kjaer Weis

Who wouldn’t love to be a Bronze Diva?  No need to dream anymore, because it isn’t difficult, if you have Lancome’s Bronze DivaSummer 2012 Color Collection. These luxurious, user-friendly, tan-tastic themed cosmetics arrive in coppery cases, and are just the thing to glow a bit more, whether you’re naturally pale or truly tan.

The Advice Sisters selected for review, an item we think is a standout in the collection, one for eyes: the Art Liner $29.50. This fine-line liquid liner pen comes in three seriously shimmery and glamorous shades:  Gold Passion, Bronze Desire and Pink Luxe. If you want to feel literally like a Goddess, go for the Bronze Desire liner, and add a thick cats-eye line.  Color block it with the Gold Passion or Pink Luxe for a modern look.  Another way to use this liner is to add one and then smoke out your shadow in the complimentary colors of the Color Design Pink Safari Palette, ($49.50). It’s all you need for parties and evening glamour, without going too heavy on the products.  The products perform well, look pretty, and will make your Summer, a lot more glamorous!

Here’s the lowdown on the rest of the collection:

FACE  — Star Bronzer Bamboo Bronzer in Spice Island, $46 – All over powder bronzer for the face and body adorned with a limited-edition bamboo design

Star Bronzer Aqua Stick, $39- Creamy gel stick bronzing foundation in Solaris that delivers long lasting sheer coverage also providing a soothing effect to the skin for a radiant sun kissed glow

EYES  — Color Design Pink Safari Palette, $49.50 6 pan eye shadow palette with shades of pink, orange, copper and brow

Artliner, $29.50- Gold Passion, Bronze Desire and Pink Luxe

LIPS  –  Color Design Hydra Balm SPF 15, $22– limited-edition lip balm providing comfort and moisture with a tint of color in Lotus Blossom, Cactus Flower and Desert Primrose 

Juicy Tubes, $18Vanilla Sand, Peach Nectar, Pink Hibiscus and Bronze Cocoa

NAILS – Mini Le Vernis, $15- Nail Laquer in Cosmopolitan Pink and Tangerine Tint


This beautiful, Bronze Diva by Lancome collection is available now at all Lancôme counters and

Sometimes I come across a new or unique cosmetics line that might not be in everyone’s budget, but that is truly exciting. For example, Kjaer Weis, created by Danish-born, New York based make-up artist Kirsten Kjaer Weis. Her packaging is exquisite, like fine jewelry. Inside those elegant, metal cases are safe, natural and organic ingredients and trendy makeup colors. These high end products don’t compromise one bit on luxury, or contemporary design.  Kjaer Weis worked for over 15 years as a make-up artist in Europe, and then for high end United States clients such as Bazaar, Vogue and Elle. “Years of experience, working as a make-up artist, having had a lot of women sitting in my chair, with skin problems, made me want to create a Certified Organic make-up line as an alternative to what was out there,” Ms. Weis, explains.

One of the things that is immediately evident is that the packaging is unique, weighty, beautiful. Although the products are expensive, the beautiful compacts are re-fillable, making them more economical and “green.”  The photo of the peachy blush above, comes in a sleek, metal compact with swivel top. It  arrives in the type of hard-sided box you’d expect to find a piece of jewelry in.  The refills are more budget-friendly than the initial expenditure for the compact and blush, but, as Kjaer explains: “The visual appearance of a product as well as the retail environment are huge factors in shopping for make-up.” Why purchase another blush or lipstick unless it makes you feel special?

This line launched in 2010, and wowed people with its’ modern color cosmetics, and luxurious packaging. T he raw materials, natural preservatives and pigments are extracted from minerals, plants and wild flowers specifically chosen for their color, scent and natural properties that have an affinity with the skin. “I love how the pure beauty and energy of these plants enhances the beauty of the wearer,” says Kirsten. Raw materials are specially ordered one year in advance to ensure that supplies are always of the highest quality.  Some key ingredients include: Carnauba wax, from the Copernicia prunifera, a native Brazilian palm with natural hypoallergenic, moisturizing and emollient properties.
• Beeswax, produced by female worker bees;  Vanilla. The scent of vanilla is believed to stimulate the release of the neurotransmitter serotonin, triggering feelings of arousal and satisfaction;  Rose, Honeysuckle and Gardenia are used as natural preservatives and anti aging properties. What’s not in these products are: parabens, petrochemical emulsifiers, synthetic colors and fragrances. KJAER WEIS is 95% organic, certified by CCPB (Consorzio per il Controllo dei Prodotti Biologici), the Italian organic certifying authority.

The initial launch range for KJAER WEIS is as follows:

• KJAER WEIS Lip Tint: $48.00 for compact and lip tint and $24.00 for refill  (“When working as a make-up artist, I like the lips to look ‘modern’: not overly lipstick-y; moist, not shiny; a beautiful finish without looking made-up. I usually apply the lipstick with my fingers. It gives a contemporary, effortless look that I think many women desire.”)

• KJAER WEIS Cream Blush: $54.00  for compact plus cream blush/$26.00 for refill (“A cream blush makes you glow; it brightens the eyes and gives a youthful, sun-kissed look, almost like coming back from a brisk walk. I apply it to the apple of the cheek and it melts with the warmth of the fingers. Cream blush enlivens the skin, allowing the woman to stand out, not just her make-up.”)  *the blush is non-greasy, but just seems to melt into your skin. As expected, it’s lovely!

• KJAER WEIS Eye Shadow: $44.00 for compact plus eye shadow/$22 for refill. “The KJAER WEIS formula blends well and stays on beautifully without creasing. All are earthy tones, with a subtle pearl finish. (“Whether subtle or dramatic these specially created shades will always highlight and flatter a woman’s natural beauty.)

These unique products are available at and Ron Robinson Apothia Beauty in Los Angeles.

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