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Sometimes I find a product that makes my life a lot easier, and when I do, I reach for it all the time.  That’s what’s happening with the new Makeup Primer Spray I recently received from Skindinavia.
I am particularly fond of primers. I never thought they were necessary, until I actually tried them.  Then, I realized that this base layer on your skin really helps your makeup (or BB, CC cream or whatever you’re putting on next)  apply more smoothly, and stay put, longer. In addition, most primers, if they are doing their job correctly, will help reduce breakthrough shine. So that little extra step that takes just a few seconds,  can pay lasting dividends for hours.
There are plenty of good primers, and I’m not taking anything away from any of them, but this primer-in-a-pump is nearly perfection.  Many primers use silicone, and these add “slip” so your makeup slides on nicely, but for those with sensitive skin or oily skin, they’re not always a good choice. Skindinavia’s primers are silicone free but still provide that smooth canvas and long lasting effect. Simply spray and you’re set for the entire day.  I hope I’m not infringing on anyone’s creative license to quote an unforgettable info-mercial  (for quite another product entirely ) that seems entirely appropriate: “‘set it, and forget it.
This primer is lightweight, and once you spray the ultra-fine primer mist you won’t remember it’s there.   You will only realize what it’s done for you when you look in the mirror, hours later, and your makeup still looks good.  The spray isn’t sticky, it doesn’t smell, it’s silicone-free and it has Skindinavia’s vitamin-based formula that (the company) says is “clinically proven to reduce redness and diminish the appearance of fine lines”.  (*there doesn’t seem to be any information available on the Skindinavia web site about these clinical studies).
 The product is also recommended for all skin types. Although primers are primarily used with makeup, you can wear it without, just to keep the shine factor down during humid days.  Note too, that all of Skindinavia ‘s products are paraben-free and hypoallergenic.
To use, simply shake the bottle and spray it 2-4 times in an X pattern and then a T pattern (on your face, of course).  There is a regular version and an Oil Control (supposedly helps to reduce breakouts, although we didn’t test this) Version.  $35.00 gets you the 4 oz. size (should last about 90 days — at least through the Summer).  If you love it like I do and want a larger one, there’s an 8 oz. size for $49.00 which should last you about 180 days of regular use.  There are other Skindinavia produdcts on the web site as well.

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