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maybelline makeupThis is not “maybe it’s Maybelline… these are Maybelline…their new July launches, that is. 

Every time Maybelline New York comes out with new products, or new colors of favorite products, it’s cause for celebration. So pop the champagne corks and head to your nearest drugstore, or mass market retailer to pick some of the newest goodies from Maybelline. Who can resist this mini treasure-trove of makeup products, none of which will send your budget into a downward spiral?  …we certainly can’t. All of these launched this month and they’re in the stores now. 


baby lips crystal

Maybelline  Baby Lips Crystal lip balm

We have already reviewed Baby Lips ($4.49) but Baby Lips Crystal adds something new.  It’s fot a clear shine base that moisturizes lips not just when you have it on, but even over time. These silky balms have just a bit of color, but a lot of shimmery shine and they feel amazingly silky and pampering.  The original Baby lips also have SPF 20 and I’m assuming that these do as well, plus they have vitamins C and E, and super moisturizing Shea butter and aloe, plus camphor and centalla (a botanical that helps to improve lip coloration and reduce the appearance of fine lines).  All this in darling cases. There is a hint of scent, too. The “Gleaming Coral” I wear tested smelled a bit like tangerine, but not too obvious (and the coral color wasn’t obvious either, just gorgeous glimmery shine). There are six sheer and shimmery shades: Twinkling Taupe, Mirrored Mauve, Pink Quartz, Gleaming Coral, Crystal Kiss, and Beam of Blush. I’ll be packing at least one of these in my purse from now on.  These have just launched in July so get them now!

nail polish

Also hot off the “press” in July are some new top coats for nails.  Yes, nails are the new hot item not just for Summer. Nail art was all over the Fall runways, too.  In July Maybelline New York lauched Color Show Nail Lacquer Veils and Jewels Nails Effects.  By now you know that for the past seasons, Maybelline has been the makeup sponsor of  Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in NYC. They know what the trends are and they bring them to everyone at affordable prices. In this case, the new jewels and veils are just $3.99 each, so you can experiment.  The Veils are fine glitter, infused in a sheer base. Add them over any polish color or on bare nails if you wish. There are five: Rose Mirage, Amethyst Aura, Crystal Disguise, Team Beam and the one I tried, Blue Glaze (light blue glitter in a sheer blue base).  The Jewels contain oversized bits of glitter (chunky glitter) that, if you add enough of it, can literally encrust your nails in color and texture. This was a super-hot look for Fall.  But I have to say that it takes a lot of patience, and polish, to accomplish this look. There are also five glitzy overcoats to try: Gilded in Gold, Mosaic Prism, Precious Pearl, Platinum, Adorn, and the one I tried, Gleaming Graphite (a clear base with large chunks of grey glitter).

kajal liners

kajal  eye liners

Who doesn’t love Kajal Eye Liner?  But these liner is not just intense, it is the first kajal eye liner that Maybelline has created, and it’s made specifically to be placed instead the waterline (the inner line) without making your eye red and irritated. This, I had to try, becuause I love the look, but I have very, very sensitive eyes.  While I can’t speak for everyone, I was able to apply it relatively smoothly and wear it without it burning my eyes, I loved the way it looked, especially the blue (it also comes in black, brown and grey). It definitely made my eyes look more dramatic, quickly.  The cone-shaped tip won’t  require sharpeneing as long as you apply the liner on the side, and rotate sides each time you use it. The Master Kajal Eye Liner for $7.99 it is a real bargain, rivaling other kajal liners that cost a lot more.

eye shadow

Maybelline new nudes eye shadow palette

If there’s anything better than a great eye shadow, it is a dozen eye shadows packed into a slim palettes. That’s what you’ll get with Maybelline’s new Nudes Palettes ($11.99) which also just launched this month.  The  Eathy tones range from light ivory and peach, to deep charcoal black and cocoa, and there are mattes shades, shimmers, and metallics to suit whatever mood you are in. I wouldn’t really call these “nudes” because there is plenty of intense color to play with (they are really Earth tones). You can make day looks, night looks, dramatic looks, runway looks, or simple looks with this palette. It’s going to be your new favorite travel companion too, because it is slim and lightweight, and arrives with a “useable” dual-tipped sponge applicator (I still prefer to bring my own brushes). The only things missing is your own imagination!  at less than a dollar a shade, you can’t go wrong.    And while we’re on the topic of eye products, there are some new Color Tattoo products, too.  There are six subdued shades. I sampled Creamy Beige and Deep Forest (also plum,black and chocolate). The creamy beige was fairly deep and the deep forest was a subdued deep mint green). Both seem to be more Fall-centric. But what makes these so fabulous is that the color-boost pigments are very intense, and once they are set on your eyes, they last a long, long long time (up to 24 hours). These are under $6.00 and comes in heavy round glass pots. Again, not a fan of the glass pot and you have to stick your fingers into the pot (or use a brush or applicator), but the product is so fabulous, I can’t stop loving it. color tattoo



dream wonder fluid touch foundation

I might have saved the best for last, if there really is a best in this bunch of goodies (because they are all wonderful), but the new Dream Wonder Fluid Touch Foundation ($10.99)  from Maybelline New York is really unique.  Although it comes in a glass jar (something I don’t like for several reasons, the first being breakage, the second being that it is not so great for travel), it has a unique teardrop applicator with a tiny point at the end.  The product is lightweight and semi-matte, and it has SPF 20 which is great for everyday wear.  It comes in 12 shades, which is great, but you have to find the one that works for you.  I tried Ivory (lighter) and Sandy Beige (a bit deeper). Neither was perfect, but to my surprise the ivory was just too light.  I guess it’s trial and error when you’re dealing with drugstore foundation, but look carefully at the display where the color swatches will give you a good idea of what will work with your skin tone. Tip:  If you are in doubt. take the one that is slightly darker (not the lighter one).  Simply shake the jar well prior to use, and then remove the wand from the bottle.  It contains all the product you need for your entire face.  You are supposed to drip the foundation onto your fingertip, thereby not touching the applicator (and thereby keeping it from becoming contaminated), but I didn’t do that, I admit it. It is your foundation and you can use it any way you want. The point is that once applied, your skin will look lovely. This product covers well. It’s full coverage, but not cake-y or heavy. It’s really what it says, a wonder, and a dream.

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