NYX Cosmetics Offers You Love In … Rio, Paris or Perhaps Florence?


It’s hard not to love  NYX Cosmetics. You can love them for their trendy but wearable colors, and for the insanely inexpensive prices, of because the products are high performance,. But I personally love NYX because they’re  always coming up with something new to surprise and delight me.

The Spring 2013 makeup collection from NYX  definitely, delights. For starters, it is quite large,actually huge. It’s  inspired by smoked out natural colors, and three destination-centric collections: Love in Paris, Love in Rio and Love in Florence.  Most of the collection focuses on the eyes, with palettes that give you everything you need to make a complete look.  The trios are called Love in Rio, and there is a lot of love to go around!  The trios are coordinated in light medium and dark shades.  The Love in Florence palettes have three major colors and two accents. The Love In Paris palettes are nine-pan, with colors that run the gamut from dark to light, and kn matte and shimmery formulas.  The “Love” palettes are shiny black with clear tops so you can see all the colors, and they all open with a cute little black “bow” button.

There are also some new, affordable and nifty products for lips and face and we’ll get to those after we finish focusing on all the eye looks.

There are so many different options in the extensive eye shadow collections, I couldn’t personally try them all, but I’ll describe them best as I can:

The first palettes are not the “love” series, but are a natural and smokey eye. These are slender compacts with clear tops, featuring both matte and shimmery. Each palette has half a dozen shades. The NYX Natural Shadow Palette $7.00 has six natural shades ranging from a mate ivory to a deep chocolate, with a golden shimmer, peach, and two nudes. a dual-ended, sponge-tipped applicator fits into the well in the front. For a little over $1.00 per shadow for a mix and match set you can do a lot with, It’s a great deal.



The “sister” set is the smokey eye set. Also just $7.00, this one is a smokey eye lovers dream, with a glittery ink as an accent or liner, and for additional shades of grey and brown to make a modern smokey eye. A matte off-white shadow finishes the set. It’s versatile, and fun to play around with. The colors blend nicely and you can’t beat the price!

Be prepared for what lies beneath this sentence, because there’s a LOT to “love” in the NYX Spring 2013  Love In….(Florence, Rio or Paris) collections.


 NYX Cosmetics Spring 2013 Makeup Collection

Love in Rio are the trios, and they are $6.00 per palette. There are 22 color selections (the above photos show just a few).

No Tan Lines: shimmery taupe, nude, matte black
Mo Rockin’ Beats: matte white, silver shimmer, matte black
Amazonian Babes: shimmery bronze, beige & dark brown
Carnival Del Sol: purple, shimmery yellow, shimmery lime green
Paraiso: shimmery indigo, sky blue, pink
Segredos de Giselle: shimmery peach, beige, bronze
Barefoot in the Sand: matte off-white, shimmery taupe, matte taupe
En Fuego: gunpowder, plum, silvery lilac
Sizzling Samba: shimmery gold, champagne, deep bronze
Escape to Rico: matte toffee, dark brown, shimmery brown
Nighttime in Rio: hot pink, bright violet, sparkling black
Meet at the Copa: shimmery taupe, champagne, shimmery slate
Sway with Lola: soft pink, shimmery light brown, baby blue
Moonlit Skinny Dip: off white, toffee, dark brown
Bossa Nova: shimmery gold, olive, forest green
Voodoo Love Spells: matte taupe, medium brown, charcoal
Cabana Boy: shimmery gold, bronze, dark brown
Caipirnhas on the Beach: sky blue, teal, deep blue
Bikini Bottoms: silvery pink, bronze, deep bronze
Showgirls Exposed: slate, shimmery white, shimmery silver
Life is a Cha Cha: matte lilac, shimmery light purple, deep purple
The Brazilian: dark brown, nude pink, shimmery toffee

NYX Cosmetics Spring 2013 Makeup Collection

The Love In Paris Palettes are nine -pan beauties, for just $10.00, and these  run the gamut from cool tones to warm tones, in just about every complimentary color combo you can imagine.  It would be silly for me to just suggest a standout, because there is something special for every personality, but I like the earthy tones in Merci Beaucop, with a modern peach and berry that kick up traditional browns, beiges and peaches a notch.  be our Guest is another interesting palette that features a range of mauves and purple mixes with black and off white. The photo above shows the collection:

  • A La Mode: browns, shimmering silvers, black & white
  • Madeleines and Macaroons: shimmery & mattes nudes, beiges & pink
  • Be Our Guest Maurice: shimmery purples, beige, black & white
  • Love Affair With Louis: shimmery blues, silvers, black
  • Parisian Chic: shimmery & matte neutrals
  • C’est La Vie: shimmery browns, beiges, deep greens
  • Pardon My French: shimmery beiges, golds, browns & green
  • Let Them Eat Cake: shimmery & matte pinks, browns & beiges
  • Je Ne Sais Quoi: shimmer & matte browns, cream, silver & plum
  • You Are In Seine: shimmery & matte neutrals, greys & indigo
  • Mon Cherie: shimmery & matte plum, green, gold, cream, indigo & browns
  • Merci Beaucoup: shimmery & matte neutrals, gold & rust
NYX Cosmetics Spring 2013 Makeup Collection

The NYX Love In Florence Eyeshadow Palettes $8.00 feature a trio of shadows, plus two strips of accent colors. For a bold eye this Spring, try Cia Bella, a bold, bright peach that actually slides on sheer, plus a pearly light beige and an inky, intense black. Add the option of a matte dove grey or a starry bronze.  For drama, La Dolche Vita with a midnight blue, matte ivory and shimmery silver looks amazing with the option of a starry blue shimmered navy or a soft, matte grey. You’ll be amazed at the different looks you can make with these. They’re just so much fun to play around with. The collection of 10 different palettes  includes:
* Meet My Romeo: shimmery & matte neutrals
* Eat, Love, Be Fab: shimmery & matte peach, browns & greens
* XoXo Mona: shimmery & matte, light & dark purples
* Ciao Bella: shimmery & matte peaches, taupes & black
* Sunsets With Sophia: shimmery & matte beiges, gold & black
* Tryst By The Trevi: shimmery & matte nude, silver, white & black
* Prima Donna: shimmery & matte champagne, purples & black
* La Dolce Vita: shimmery & matte silver, blues & white
* Bellini Kiss: shimmery golds, browns & nude
* Gelato for Two: shimmery & matte grey, peach & plums

NYX Cosmetics Spring 2013 Makeup Collection
NYX Collection Chocolate $6.00 – Every good eye look can be enhanced with an eyeliner.  What I like about the NYX Chocolate liner collection is that brown is more natural and less harsh than black, so it’s a great way to add liner back into your look. Soften up, for SPring!  The NYX Chocolate collection features  6 different formulations of eyeliners: matte, satin, and glossy pencils, and a liquid liner, all in shades of chocolate. The collection is: Glossy Brown Liner; Matte Brown Liner;  Satin Finish Brown Liner; Kohl Kajal Brown Liner; Skinny Brown Liner; Liquid Brown Liner

Butter Up!  It’s always a good time for silky lips.  Also for Spring 2013 are a dozen new shades of what NYX calls: NYX Butter Gloss. as you might  expect, these are so-called because they are they feel buttery smooth on your lips. The gloss also smells a rich, vanilla, sugar cookie, buttery, but not sweet. Delicious!  If you want opaque and shiny coverage you will love these. The gloss goes on smoothly from a wanded tube. Alas, the colors I was sent to test (Merengue, Eclair, and Sydney)  were all light pink and left my lips very pale. Over another deeper color however, the gloss added plenty of allure, along with that buttery, whipped cream feeling and the lovely fragrance.   Now, we’re on to lips. The NYX  Butter Gloss ($5.00)  When you check out all the colors however, you’ll see that there are plenty of others.  The new shades include:  Strawberry Parfait: fuchsia; Éclair: pink; Peaches and Cream: pink coral; Merengue: pink lilac; Creme Brulee: natural; Peach Cobbler: red orange;Tiramisu: brown; Apple Strudel: peach; Vanilla Cream Pie: mauve; Cherry Cheese Cake: orange; Maple Blonde: deep peach; Cherry Pie: red

Faces are not ignored by NYX, either. Try the the NYX Born to Glow, Liquid Illuminator to perk up a Winter weary complexion. LI O2 gleam leaves a sheer, light, starry shimmer with a bit of golden peach on your skin and it’s very pretty.o It isn’t a substitute for a bronzer, but for those of us (and I raise my hand on this) that feel bronzers are just too much color, Gleam will give you a bit of color and glow without looking too obvious. the other color, Sunbeam, is a pale pink pearl shimmer. try mixing one of these into a bit of your moisturizer or foundation…it makes a difference!

 …and last but not least, there’s a NYX makeup Setting spray ($8.00) in either matte or dewy finish, to polish off the entire face. It will also help keep all of your makeup looking fresh. This is a little preventative and a beautifier, and it costs so little!  Pretty amazing!


Fall in love with Rio, Paris, Florence or….NYX!  Visit www.nyxcosmetics.com to get all the goodies you can’t live without!

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