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Doll Face Cosmetics

Doll Face Cosmetics


Oh! You Beautiful Doll — Doll Face Beauty is Good For Your Face

Doll Face Beauty — how could you not love a line of skincare with such a girly name?  All of the products are made in the USA with eco-friendly with 100% recyclable packaging and the products are not tested on animals.  What they don’t contain are parabens, phthlates, propyleneglycol, mineral oil, paba, paraffin, dea, tieclosan, petrolatum, animal-derived ingredients, or harmful dyes. What Doll Face skin care products do contain are seven unique ingredients.  Here are some basic details on these:

Buriti Fruit Oil –   This teeming source of beta-carotene, essential fatty acids Oleic, Palmitic, & Linoleic acids plus Vitamins A & C, improves skin elasticity, defends from free radical damage and combats redness.

Super Berry Seed Oil – This is a powerful blend of anti-oxidants (with up to 4x the antioxidant concentration) and natural oils, extracted from the seeds of Cranberries, Red Raspberries and potent polyphenols from Grapes. 

Super FruitActiv Complex –  a multi-tasking, proprietary blend of natural fruit enzymes, alpha hydroxy and malic acids that gently exfoliate, encourage  cell turnover and help to treat hyper-pigmentation by brightening and enlightening skin. A plethora of polyphenols and anti-oxidants soothes, deeply hydrates, and protects against everyday damage.

Matrixyl Synthe’6 – a new generation polypeptide complex that helps improve the visible appearance of facial lines and wrinkles by targeting the six principle building blocks of youthful looking skin.

Lumiskin – a potent anti-oxidant derived from Chilean tree bark which helps to inhibit melanin production by blocking Tyrosinase, the enzyme responsible for hyperpigmentation. This patented agent is purported to be 30x more potent than Kojic Acid and safer than Hydroquinone.

Sea Buckthorn Berry – a natural extract rich in powerful anti-oxidant vitamins A & E and to help fight the damaging effects of free radicals and infuse protective moisture to skin.

Willow Bark Extract – a Beta Hydroxy Acid (the natural form of Salicylic Acid) that intensely deep cleans pores and purifies skin.

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What I like about Doll Face is that the line is organized by different skin concerns, such as blocked pores, lines & wrinkles dark circles, dry patchy skin, uneven skin tone, dull complexion.  I tried three products that would work well for most skin types. But of course, you can mix and match products to customize to your particular concerns. 

Invigorate ($24.00 8 fl. oz.) is a triple action facial cleanser good for all skin types. The pink liquid in a clear plastic bottle with flip top foams lightly. It has no scent, and wont’ strip your skin or make it feel dry or greasy. It features the Super FruitActiv advanced complex and Lumiskin  illuminating skin brightener.  It’s a nice cleanser for daily use.

Nourish ($38.00 1.7 fl. oz.) is a nice daily moisturizer in a pump bottle.  It has a good blend of  free-radical fighting mega anti-oxidants infused in a lightweight moisturizing lotion.  It absorbed fairly well, but while it had a powerful cocktail of buruti fruit oil, super berry seed oil and hyaluronic acid, I have a personal preference for moisturizers that also have at least spf 30. so I don’t have to add yet another layer of lotion to my face with another product after I have added a moisturizer. I realize this is a personal choice, but still, with so much “good stuff” in Doll Face, why not  at least some minimal sun protection, too?

For those who like mineral masks, Purify ($24.00 3.3 fl. oz.) is a great one.  The mask smooths on white and dries within 3-5 minutes without any fragrance. It washes off quickly and leaves skin soft and smooth.  It did a decent job of cleansing the impurities in pores. As the warmer weather approaches, cleansing out the “yuk” is even more essential to keep skin clean and free from breakouts.  Star performers in this one are Kaolin, a natural refined clay rich in pure minerals that helps extract dirt & sebum from deep within pores; Willow Bark ,  a natural form of salicylic acid that helps clean, detox & minimize pores.; and  Hyaluronic Acid to help moisturize.

Note:  There are some other beauty companies with the name ” Doll Face” but they are not affiliated with Doll Face Beauty.  My general impression of the Doll Face Beauty skincare company is that it is good skincare at a decent price. If you are looking for unscented, decent skincare that is nicely packaged and will work for most skin types, Doll Face Beauty is a good bet!  

You’ll want to visit the website as Doll Face products are available online at dollfacebeauty.com and at specialty beauty retailers nationwide.

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