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Thinking of  spiffing up your home?  Well, I have news for nail-aholics:  nail polish leader  OPI has teamed up with a new collaborator, interior paint line Clark+Kensington,  to create an exclusive collection of paint colors that bring those popular  nail colors to your walls.  The collection launched in early June and is available exclusively at 3,200 ACE Hardware stores.

Obviously, this isn’t going to excite everyone as it will beauty fanatics, but even if you (or that male partner you’re nesting with) is dubious, consider that paints should make you happy, and they should be colors that you love.  On a practical note, when I looked at the three samples I was given to try:

I Eat Mainly Lobster

I Eat Mainly Lobster and My Vampire is Buff

Can't Find My Czezxbook sanfd My Vampire is Buff

Can’t Find My Czechbook and My Vampire is Buff

I Eat Mainly Lobster (bold peach), My Vampire is Buff (cool medium buff) and Can’t Find my Czechbook (deep turquoise blue) I realized that all three of these colors make sense on walls as well as on tips and toes. In fact, the aqua color of Can’t Find My Czechbook is close to the color I have on my bedroom wall already.  The I Eat Mainly Lobster is a sexy peach that would enhance romance in a boudoir, and the My Vampire is Buff is a perfect modern neutral for any wall.   Why not put what you love on your hands, into your home decor?

*just a technical note here:  For a few of the colors, you might want to use a primer, and/or use some additional coats beyond the standard two coats  to achieve deep coppers, colors, which are indicated by the asterisk next to the color name. 

nail polish

I’m not really a waitress opi nail polish

There are three collections that launched, to love:  The Artist, The Wild Heart, and The Romantic, each featuring a half dozen of OPI’s fan-favorite colors.  My  favorite OPI nail polish is the deep red “I’m Not Really a Waitress” and that’s not in the collection, but very deep red walls are really for the true fashionista. Designers love the look and I’ve seen that color all over magazine layouts but it could be a bit hard on the eyes!

In the three collections below, you’ll find other red-centric colors for those who want to make a statement,but plenty of user-friendly colors for those who just want attractive, live-able colors as well.  There are 18 trendy and classic shades in all to ROOMinate over.

opi wild heart colors


the romantic palette OPI opi artist colors

For more information visit  yur local Ace Hardware store and the Ace Hardware Web Site and the OPI Web Site

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