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I am a fan of Pureology’s hair products, and have been using a number of their different product lines, for years. But the other day I attended a preview of Pureology’s newly designed (and eco-friendly) bottles (more on that at the bottom of this feature) , and met Celebrity Colourist Johnathan Gale (he’s responsible for  Charlize Theron and Diane Keaton’s hair, just for starters). While chatting with this charming man, I mentioned that although I use excellent Redken and Pureolology shampoos and conditioners, my hair seemed to need a little something “more”  in the past few weeks. He suggested Pureology Nano Works products.

Before I go into my review of Nano Works, let me just reiterate that Pureology’s tag line is:  “Serious Colour Care” and they deliver on that!  Pureology products all feature a signature, Anti-fade Complex that is full of antioxidants and full spectrum UVA/UVB sunscreens, plus Vitamins C and E that help protect hair from heat damage as well as the rays of the sun that can fade and damage your hair and its color. The other (more modestly priced) Pureology hair care products have the anti-fade complex as well, and all Pureology products are 100% vegan, and never tested on animals.  But while all of Pureology’s products deliver salon quality results at home, Nano Works is exceptional. You’ll pay for it: the Shampoo is $53.00 8.5 fl. Oz. and the Conditioner is also $53.00 8.5 fl. oz (travel sizes are $15.00 each for 2 oz if you want to give Nano Works a try before shelling out $106 retail for these products).

Nano Works is the creme de la creme of luxury cleansing and conditioning for hair. It claims to return hair to “pristine”condition. Your hair may not look like it did when you were five years old, but it will make it look amazingly youthful.  It also enhances color vibrancy and maximizes  color retention.  These benefits are not just essential for great looking hair,  but to protect your hair color, whether it is natural, out of a box, or the result of a skilled salon expert. What’s in Nano Works that makes it so exceptional? It has advanced nano technology that helps reduce blow drying time,  and dramatically improve the condition of your hair.  And yes, it really does!  Pureology believe in natural ingredients, and they offer organic botanicals of mushroom (Shitake,  mannetake and mucor miehei) that are anti-inflammatory,  nourish hair and scalp, and strengthen hair. There is also an anti-age complex of green tea, sugar cane, apple and wine extracts, and unique veggie proteins plus anti-age silicones. It sounds good enough to eat, but what it does is increase the strength of your hair (up to 3 times is the claim), infuse it with moisture, and intensify shine while making it look and feel more youthful.  The shampoo lathers luxuriously (the good news is that you don’t need to use too much to get good results) and the conditioner rinses out quickly, leaving enough anti-tangle to ensure you don’t need to add more.  The allergen-free fragrance of jasmine, vanilla, amber and rose is a plus, and it’s light and t pampering

How different is Nano Works from other shampoos and conditioners? Actually, very! The first time I tried Nano Works I set about blow drying my hair without any serums or additional potions. When it started to dry, it was SO shiny I thought it was still wet!  My hair looked like the hair you envy in television commercials where the hair is so shiny it glows, and you are sure it is just done with lights and mirrors. But this was no illusion. My hair really was that shiny and soft. It was happily, shocking, even to me, someone who is used to great products. I believe some of the benefits are thanks to guar gum and shea butter to super-condition adding slip and shine and softness, plus a whole lot of moisture.

Now that Winter is here, there’s another reason to consider these pricey potions:  Nano Works also helps to eliminate dry, flaky scalp (in most cases) and works even more miracles as you continue to use it. I saw amazimg results after one application, but after three or more, you truly won’t believe your eyes. The ZeroSulfate formula means you can use these even if you have had a keretin or other chemical treatment.

Pureology Nano Works Shampoo and Conditioner, fittingly, are housed in gold and platinum colored boxes and gold and platinum bottles. This awesome twosome is simply the top of the heap when it comes to hair products.  Pureology products are only guaranteed if purchased from a an authorized salon, so Visit www.pureology.com to find salons near you.

*Pureology will be improving it’s shampoo and conditioner packaging to reduce its environmental impact. You will see some of the new bottles and packaging in a couple of months. The new, Zero Waste Shampoo and HairCondition packaging is not just eco-friendly, using 100% recyclable bottles with 50% post consumer recycled HDPE in them, but the new design eliminates that slim necked Pureology bottle in favor of a new, wider flip top that lets consumers get every last drop out of the bottle. Pureology is also reducing the amount of cardboard they use , and purchase Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified carboard boxes made from 100% recycled fibers. The hair care product boxes also have tips on how consumers can conserve water. Pureology also has implemented impressive ways to reduce water and energy at their own plant.  Pureology cares about hair care, but they also care about the environment. You should, too! Support Pureology’s efforts with your own!

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