Puttin on the Glitz, Partying with Playboy VIP His-and-Her Fragrances

When I think of Playboy, I naturally think of the magazine (writers, first) and then the iconic playboy bunny and bunny logo.  Having once been invited to the Playboy club of the 1970’s, in Manhattan, what I remember most was how elegant the room was, and how nicely we were served our dinners. As a young girl I didn’t even feel threatened by the leggy playboy bunnies (in costume) that served our drinks and meal. How could I?  No mere girl could hope to compare herself to the beauties in that room!

Playboy has plenty of products that are for men and women, but their latest and greatest fragrances, a his-and-hers “VIP” collection, brings back memories of that Playboy club’s glamour and excitement.  This first ever VIP duo of fragrances, produced by Coty, was supposedly inspired by luxury, glamour and extravagant parties.  But, the products are budget-friendly (so you have more money in your hand to have a great time, come Saturday night)!

Playboy VIP for her smells, to me, like cotton candy, sweet but sexy, melt-in-your-mouth but not sugar high. His smells more fruity than I expected. Both both are nicely packaged (hers in a voluptuous bottle with bunny ears, his in a masculine flacon reminiscent of a whiskey flask).

Playboy VIP for Her is, as the press literature describes it is meant for “girls who are “elegant and always glamorous, exuding a playful sensuality that attracts every men under her spell.”  The fragrance is deemed: “a scintillating mélange of subtle musk and sandalwood, ” delivering a: “lingering, tempting scent that you will want to wear all season long. ” with a  “come hither explosion of crisp nectarine softened by orange flower sorbet with delicate facets of peony.”  The actual top notes are nectarine, peony, orange blossom, a heart of apple, berries and vanilla flower and a drydown of  cashmeran, sandalwood and musk.

It’s clear that the combination of notes is very feminine and attractive, but my nose keeps telling me it smells like cotton candy, making it most appropriate for a younger woman.   But you can’t get more girly and feminine than flowers and candy. Perhaps the “party girl” believes that candy is dandy, and on her body it will give someone the urge to move in closer, for a sniff and a lick on the neck (this is a G-rated column)!  It was probably the urge to act, that Playboy anticipated.

Playboy VIP for her was launched this year, 2012, and is available as 30 ml EDT and the supporting line of body care products. The Eau de Parfum at 1.0 fl oz  is a budget-friendly, $17.00 and available at drugstores nationwide.

Playboy VIP for Him, surprised me.  I expected something herbal, lemony, or powerfully intense, But this fragrance is quite fruity, especially for a man’s scent.  Maybe the folks at Playboy were focusing on the garnishes for cocktails on high end bars?  The fragrance is described as having: “power notes of sparkling bergamot and green accents of rhubarb, wrapped with a spicy dash of rum.Lavender adds an unexpected floral twist for a new masculinity that no female in the club can resist.”

Playboy VIP for Him is targeted to men who are “irresistibly charming and stylish, always in the right place at the right time.” It is described as an unusual and seductive scent of charismatic men.  It is different, and youthful, and ready to party. But to me, mixing bergamot and rhubarb with spicy rum, adding a heart of aquatic notes and lavender, highlighted by juicy apple, and then throwing in what I think of as a very feminine base of white chocolate, tonka beans and sandalwood, makes a “cocktail” that I might like to drink, but maybe not tossed all over the body.

These are nicely packaged in metallic gold with glitzy accents. If you’re seeking affordable fragrances for gifting or for yourself, put on the glitz, with Playboy VIP!

Playboy VIP for Him is available as Eau de Toilette (50ml), After Shave,  Deodorant and Shower Gel. Get VIP for Him at your favorite mass market or drugstore or visit: http://www.playboyfragrances.com


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