Radical Skincare Means Radical Results

When a skincare company’s name has “Radical” as the first word, and the products are sold at high end stores, you expect that there will be something unique about them.  Radical Skincare products are crafted from a blend of powerful and rich anti-oxidants, and age erasing active ingredients, working together to help  protect and repair the skins’ epidermal layer, while encouraging the creation of healthy new skin cells.  They claim that the products have the highest antioxidant content, anywhere.  In fact, Radical Skincare claims that it has an antioxidant potency so powerful,  it carries more than 100 times the value of the leading brands average antioxidant score. According to the company, Radical Skincare’s antioxidant levels measure up to 1000+.

Liz Edlich, Founder and CEO of One World Beauty,  is quoted as saying that her impotence for creating this unique skincare line was her own skincare concerns, after she turned 45.   She went to chemists with this daunting question: “If you were creating something for your wife,  and money were no object,  what would you put in this cream?” With that challenge, the scientists created a mix of anti-aging ingredients that rsulted in showing the best performance in the shortest amoutn of time, and then they mixed those in maximum recommended levels.  However, Liz, and her scientific experts, didn’t stop there. Realizing that the only way to deal with aging skin is to prevent future damage, Radical Skincare’s fomula features a potent antioxidant formula and delivery system that includes ingredient powerhouses such as: Resveratrol, Coffee Arabica, acai, green and white tea, prunes, pomegranate, grape seed,  and many more natural sources.  And still, they weren’t quite finished. Since antioxidants tend to break down when put into skin care, the scientists came up with formulas that would deliver maximum power and potency immediately and directly upon contact with the skin, so that Radical Skincare products can also effectively fight against free radicals and environmental stressors such as: sun, pollution, smoke and everyday day stress.

I don’t want to make this review just about the technology, and not the products, but it’s important to know what makes Radical SkinCare a standout. That would be its’ “Trylacel™ Technology.”  This is in every product in the Radical Skincare line, along with supplemental antioxidants, biological actives and soothing agents to address specific skin care needs.

So what’s “Trylacel™ Technology?”  It’s the technology that protects the ingredients in the products with an “envelope” that’s something like a  cell membrane. This is done as a special process and the results mimic cell membranes.  Basically, it’s a high tech delivery process that makes Radical skincare work effectively and quickly.

This all sounds wonderful. In fact, it sounds pretty impressive. But all these high tech formulas and benefits don’t come cheap.  The Peptide Infused Antioxidant Serum is $170.00 for 1 fl. oz.  The Restorative Moisture is $135.00 for a 1.6 fl. oz. jar. The other five products in the line L Eye Revive Creme ($110), Age-Defying Exfolating Pads ($65), Youth Infusion Age Defying Serum ($150), Firming Neck Gel ($95),  and a Hydrating Cleanser & Toner ($40).

The packaging is nice, but not extremely elegant. The outer cartons are white, with bold, red, metallic labels, providing a clinical look.   Thumbs up for the serum, housed in an oxygen-free pump bottle with a twist up/down cap so you never have to touch the product or expose it to light, air, debris, or germs. But the Restorative Moisture Cream is, sadly, packaged in an attractive, pearled and silver jar, with just a plastic cover for protection. At $135.00 I’d like to know that my cream is going to be “good to the last drop” without worrying about deterioration.  You dont’ even get an application spatula with this one! I understand that some formulations just don’t work well in an airless pump, but the packaging, matters. If there is anything I dislike, it’s sticking my hand into a jar of cream, messing up my fingers, and potentially comtaminating the product.

I only tried the Serum and the Restorative Moisture from this line, but I admit I was impressed.  I liked the fast absorption, and my skin did feel much softer and hydrated. Over time, I think these products would make a difference in a more significant way, although I couldn’t test them for long becuase others are waiting for my attention.  What’s most important to note about any skin care is that the products have to be right for your skin, your skin concerns, and your lifestyle.  Also, you must have reasonable expectations is you don’t want to be disappointed. No cream I know of is going to make your skin like that of a young girl if you’re well over 40, and the best way to avoid additional damage to your skin is to use sun protection (and stay out of the bright sun, entirely).   That’s not to say that Radical Skincare won’t improve your skin and help protect and prevent further damage, but you have to be committed to the process and use the products regularly.  Then, you have to continue to maintain it.  Given the cost of Radical Skincare, it might be a must-have for some, or require radical re-positioning of the budget, for others.

If you want to try it, Radical Skincare is availalbe at high-end stores such as Barneys and Harrods. Learn a lot more on the Radical Skincare Web Site.

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