Radical Skincare Helps Fight Against Aging & Winter Is The Perfect Time To Start @RadicalSkincare

Last year The Advice Sisters did a first review of a unique skincare line called Radical Skincare that promises radical results against the ravages of time, when it comes to your skin. This year, I revisited the brand by re-trying one product that is very hydrating–something that is essential especially during the Winter months, when your skin tends to be dried out the most.

When a skincare company’s name has “Radical” as the first word, and the products are sold at high end stores, you expect that there will be something unique about them.  Radical Skincare products are touted as having the   highest antioxidant content available. That’s not a fact I can quantify, although another factoid about Radical Skincare is the claim that is has an antioxidant potency so powerful,  it carries more than 100 times the value of the leading brands average antioxidant score, with  antioxidant levels measuring a stratospheric, up to 1000+.

Sharing Radical skincare are sisters Liz and Rachel are the daughters of Dr. Richard F. Edlich MD.PHD, Professor of Plastic Surgery. Working in their father’s lab as children, and then at the University of Virginia Burn Unit, they were exposed to the science of skin rejuvenation and wound repair at extreme levels.

When the creation process was beginning, Liz asked the chemists this very provocative question: “If you were creating something for your wife,  and money were no object,  what would you put in this cream?”The result was a blend of  anti-aging ingredients that work quickly, with maximum recommended level of the key ingredients, plus a potent antioxidant formula and delivery system. Some of the key ingredients are recognized powerhouses for anti-aging, such as: Resveratrol, Coffee Arabica, acai, green and white tea, prunes, pomegranate, grape seed,  and many more natural sources.  Alas,antioxidants tend to break down when put into skin care, so the scientists creating Radical Skincare had to create formulas that would deliver maximum benefits and potency immediately and directly upon contact with the skin.

Another thing that makes Radical Skincare even more high tech its’ “Trylacel™ Technology.”  This is the technology that protects the ingredients in the products with an “envelope” that’s something like a  cell membrane.  I can’t possibly go into the details and obviously, I’m not a chemist so I’m not going to comment on it.  But Trylacel technology It is a  high tech delivery process that makes Radical skincare work effectively and quickly.

Last year I tried the Restorative Moisture ($135.00 1.6 fl. oz).  And this year I tried the new Anti-Aging Replenishing Extreme Moisture ($150.00 1.7 fl. oz.). This multitasking cream hydrates,  fight free radicals, and claims to decrease wrinkle depth by 50% after 4 weeks.  I didn’t use it that long. In full disclosure, my jar fell off a gimpy shelf in my bathroom, and the plastic jar, splintered. The product was contaminated — I had to throw it out. Had I purchased this product and had an accident with it after just a couple of weeks,  I would have been really sorely vexed. But in truth, the plastic jar needs an upgrade. Both the moisturizing creams I have tried from this line are packaged in a screw top jars. This is my least favorite type of packaging, because the minute you open a jar and expose it to the air, you leave it immediately open for contamination. And worse, if you stick your finger in it and don’t use a clean spatula every time, you instantly contaminate the pricey cream.  And with this product, a spatula isn’t included.  But that being said, I thought the cream absorbed quickly and well, and my skin did feel instantly more hydrated. I really did like it, and I think it’s a nice product, although the price is high.

As you already know, the most important to note about any skin care is that the products have to be right for your skin, your skin concerns, and your lifestyle.  Also, you must have reasonable expectations and be patient. Very few products make your skin look significantly better in one, or even a few, applications. And, no cream can turn back the hands of time dramatically.  Radical Skincare does seem to have the potential to benefit your skin and help protect and prevent further damage, as long as you use the products properly and regularly.

Radical Skincare isn’t inexpensive, but it has promise.  It is available at high-end stores such as Barneys and Harrods, Dermstore,  and you can also visit the Radical Skincare Web Site.

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