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Redkens new styling line

A New Collection from Old Favorite, Redken

If you read The Advice Sisters Beauty, Fashion and Lifestyles website often you already know that Redken is a favorite brand for us, and it’s also  a favorite of salons. One of the reasons is that Redken offers Salon style performance and quality, but it is still reasonably affordable enough for home use.  And Redken has a long history in haircare since it started in the 1960s.

Now, Redken Styling  invites you to  “style your story.”  In March, with musician Sky Ferreira as their newest muse, Redken  launched  (*actually re-launched) their styling collection with a new look.  Although Redken has always numbered their products and color-coded then, now the colors and numbers of the products’ packaging make it easier to refer to what end result you may be trying to create: Blow Dry, Flex, Hairsprays, Heat Styling, Shine, Smooth, Texture, and Volume. The numbering system remains the same, classified by level of control, which is a combination of all the benefits a product provides: hold, strength, protection, and more: Mild control: 01-05; Medium control: 06-15; Maximum control: 16-28

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*Editor’s Note:  our writer, Katie Rice, wasn’t on board when Redken had their launch event, but I was there, and heard a rather bashful Sky Ferreira talk modestly about how she was excited to be the face of Redken styling.  We quote her here:  “For me, style is a journey – not a destination. It’s about attitude. It’s about inspiration. It’s about discovering the look I want and going for it, no holds barred. I have a voice. I have a story. And Redken Styling’s going to help me tell it.”Sky Ferreira: Musician, Model, Redken Styling Muse

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Advice Sisters reviewer (Katie Rice) tried products from many of the lines and this is her report:

From the Styling Heat Collection, I tried “02”, the Satinwear Prepping Blow Dry Lotion. It works as protection against heat damage. If you blow-dry your hair most days, like I do, this is a lifesaver. The light lotion comes in a pump bottle and smells heavenly. I noticed a marked difference in the number of frizzy flyaway hairs I had. Though at first it seemed strange to put lotion on my hair—would it make it greasy? Would it lay on top of the strands like I had put Jergens on my head?—it absorbs into the hair thoroughly. The formula contains UV filters and antioxidants that can help to protect hair from harsh elements and fights color fade.  *editor’s note: Redken has also introduced a new Blowdry category, which guarantees 2 days of “Pillow Proof” results..  Pillow Proof Blow Dry Express Primer and Two Day Extender — the former cuts down on blow-dry time and offers provides 24-hour lasting volume, and protects hair from heat and breakage. The latter is actually Redken’s dry shampoo, repackaged it under the new name Pillow Proof Bow Dry Two Day Extender.

Editor’s note: Redken has also launched a new Flex category, which consists of three innovative cream-pastes that provide a range of texture and hold with a flexible finish. Slight texture and easy movement, both key trends on and off the runway this season,  are now easier to accomplish.  After the blow-dry, Redken has two excellent styling pastes: “10” aka Mess Around and “12” aka Rough Paste. Though similar, they are best used for two different effects. The Mess Around has a medium hold and comes in a tub. It’s a sticky white gel and works to make a hairstyle a bit more defined. It’s not a light hold so it will keep its shape, but it’s also not for keeping a mohawk up straight. I would recommend the Mess Around for perfecting that “tousled” look. The Rough Paste also has a medium hold, but comes in a standing tube that works kind of like a push pop. To get the paste out, you push from the bottom until it comes out of the top. This paste is a little more heavy duty. It gives hair a matte finish and a pretty intense hold. I think of this as the perfect paste for an edgy pixie haircut.

If you’re prefer updos more than spiky or tousled looks, Redken has their amazing hairsprays that are always “Front-and-center” on the worktables backstage at runway shows and fashion week. I tried the “28” aka Control Addict hairspray, which has their highest level of control. Which basically means that you could go through a tornado and not have a hair out of place. It comes in a big aerosol can but doesn’t come out in a heavy mist. Though it’s not light on control, it is light on contact. If you’ve been trying to perfect that high ballerina bun, I would recommend trying the Control Addict hairspray to get every hair in place.

The final styling product I tried was “07” or Full Frame, an all-over volumizing mousse. It comes in a foaming tube and is great for adding volume without adding too much weight to your hair. Best used right after the shower and before blow-drying, it’s great for adding body to limp hair or amping up hair that already has a lot of body.


Guido showcases some of the hair trends he created using Redken styling products

02 Satinwear Prepping Blow Dry Lotion (5 oz): $18.00

10 Mess Around Past (1.7oz): $19.00

12 Rough Paste (2.5oz): $18.00

28 Control Addict Hairspray (11oz): $20.00

07 Full Frame Mousse (8.5oz): $16.50

Redken really has something for everyone with their styling products and the new packaging—sleek black with basic brightly colored product names and numbers—looks modern and clean. Figure out what look you’re going for and give one of the lines a shot!  Remember that Redken products are only sold in official salons. To find one near your and learn more about the products visit

redken color magnetics shampoo and conditioner

Editor’s Note:  we also want to tell you about  Redken’s NEW Color Extend Magnetics and supercharge your color care routine. The range contains Sulfate-Free Shampoo, Conditioner, and Deep Attraction Mask. Redken’s exclusive IPN and Charge-Attract Complex deliver charged amino-ions that are attracted to the hair fiber to form a protective seal. Aggressors are repelled and color is secured with maximum vibrancy and alluring shine. With Color Extend Magnetics, color-treated hair is 3X fortified*.Redken’s Charge-Attract Complex is the key technology in the Color Extend Magnetics line. This complex combines essential Amino Acids, Glutamic Acid and Serine, with supercharged ingredients for maximum color vibrancy. Glutamic Acid enhances shine and resurfaces for smoothness, and conditioning protein Serine replenishes hair for strength while magnetic amino-ions attract to the hair fiber and polymerize to create a hydrophobic barrier that seals in color.  Why have dull hair when yours can shine?



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