Remington Has a New Magic Wand for Hair

Would it be great if you could towel dry your hair and make it dry and smooth in one step, without having to first blow dry it and then flat iron it?  And wouldn’t it be even better if there was a magic wand that would not just eliminate blow drying and heat styling, but also prevent so much damage to your hair? And wouldn’t it be even better if this magical device would condition while it dried, straightened, smoothed and de-frizzed?

You don’t have to wait for Santa anymore, or rub the genie’s lamp, or carry a rabbits foot.  It  might not be quite a magic wand, but Remington’s Wet 2 Straight 2″ wide  flat iron (srp. $27.99) it pretty magical, and it purports to do all of the above, in one single step!  This hair drying flat iron heats up with an amazing 30 different heat settings all the way up to a professional 425 degrees in just 30 seconds, and has steam vents in it’s  2″ ceramic titanium plates that are infused with conditioning soy hydra conditioners to nourish hair, but also remove water from damp hair, so you can dry it faster with less damage to your precious strands. The soy infusion never wears out, but leaves no oily or dulling deposits.  That’s pretty amazing.  There is a safety 60 minute auto shut-off (for those who get distracted and then wonder if they turned off the appliance).  The wet/dry styling indicator lets you know that the green light is for use on wet hair, and the amber light means the iron is ready to style dry hair.

All of this is unique and wonderful and it is available right now in your favorite mass market retailer or beauty supply store.   However, like all things,  expectations should be kept reasonable.  I really like this flat iron, but honestly, it’s still mostly a flat iron, not a substitute for a blow dryer, unless your hair is very thin and dries easily to begin with.  My hair is thick, long and frizzy, I know it takes a lot of time to dry it, let alone style it straight. I’m always apologizing to stylists when they are faced with the task of blow drying my hair in a salon.

Realizing that my hair is one tough customer, when I tried the iron for the first time, I towel-dried my hair very well and then I began to use the Wet 2 Straight with just small sections of hair.  The iron did remove plenty of moisture after I removed as much as I could with a towel, and you could see lots of steam evaporating the wetness out of my hair  (an hear an alarming sizzle noise), but it took quite a few passes to make even one section of my hair mostly dry.  I tried using the blow dryer for a few minutes, then using the Remington Wet 2 Straight iron, and that worked much better, but there was no way this flat iron was going to take the place of a powerful hair dryer.   However, given the frizzy nature of my hair, it did help fight frizz and leave my hair shiny and smooth.  But then the problem was it was too smooth. The lovely 2″ plates (there is a smaller size and a wet 2 waves tool, too) don’t have curved sides, so my hair was straight as a stick, and I would have preferred more of a bend or wave at the end.

The Bottom Line: The Remington Wet 2 Straight can remove water from your damp hair and make it smooth and shiny in one step, But for those with thick, curly and long hair, you’ll have to be prepared to take a number of passes through small hair sections to  really dry and straighten it. That might take almost as much time as using a blow dryer first, and then a styling tool.  But if you use a blow dryer with the Wet 2 Straight you’ll cut significant time off your drying and styling time.  If your hair is short and thin, or not too porous, you might really be able to take just this lovely flat iron on a trip, and leave the dryer at home.

You can find the Wet 2 Straight styling tools at all sorts of mass market retailers like Walmart, Target and at on the Remington Products Web Site.


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