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You can pay a little, or pay a lot for it. But nail polish is one of those beauty products that can change your look in literally, minutes. It’s just fun to change it up. And for Summer, the four big trends are to go with bluess and greens, indulge in a ladylike pastel, slick on a bold bright, or use a polish overlay that glitters in the sunshine. Here are Four Fabulous New Nail Collections That Rock the Trends:

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ricky nail polish ab

This Pastel Opal collection from RickyColor is so affordable that you can wear all four of these  trends, all Summer long, for just $20.00!  Or pick the one you list best, for just $6.50.  Night at the Stalkhouse is my favorite. Peach is traditional for Summer, but this one is really bright, so it really stands out against both pale and tan skin.   BBC as Cryils is a blue that is tailor-made for Summer since it is the color of the sea.  Hudson Valley Getaway is a pastel green that is made modern with a hint of lime. This one also flatters just about every skin tone.  Fire Island Ferry is a chunky glitter overlay that we used on our “accent nail” on all of these colors, or just wear it on bare nails to add a glint of glitter for a no-fuss look.  You can get all of these at your favorite Rickys store or online.

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Gel Nail polish fans rejoice! Gel nails let you keep a color you love on your nails much longer than a normal polish. This is particularly great when you’re going on vacation and you just don’t wan’t to be bothered with chipped nails when you’re on the road.  But the problem with many of these gel nail colors is that you have to go to a salon to have your nails done.  Gelish however, is  DIY at home gel manicure that lasts between two and three weeks that dries and sets immediately after being cured with a  special UV or LED light and you can do it at home.  You can also soak the polish off any time you like, of course.  Another plus to the  Gel aka. “Shellac”manicure is that while a salon manicure with the stuff can run you $40 or more, depending upon where you go, the Gelish MINI Colors of Paradise Collection are just $14.95 each.

gelish colorsHere are the six sensational new colors. They’re bright cremes that should be applied with a couple of coats. The payoff?  Nails that look almost like jewels, with plenty of shine.

Lime All the Time  (a bright lime green creme)
Mali-Blu Me Away (a bright cobalt blue creme)
Pacific Sunset (a bright pink creme)
Rockin’ the Reef (a bright coral creme
Rub Me the Sarong Way (a bright turquoise creme)
Tahiti Hottie (a bright purple creme)

This all sounds fabulous, but there is a catch: To do this right, you really need the UV or LED light to cure and dry the polish.  If you don’t have one of these lights, the polish will remain sticky and won’t adhere to your nails. So you will need to make an investment before you buy all the cute colors (and there are plenty to choose from.

gelish curing light

gelish curing light

An affordable option that will pay dividends for a long tiume is the Gelish MINI Pro 45 LED Curing Light  . This one is just around $45.00 and while it is compact, it does a great job “curing” Gelish Soak-off Gel color and products from the Gelish MINI System for a manicure that can last you up to three weeks. Features includes a preset forty-five second timer and three 2 watt LED bulbs that never need to be replaced. It is small, but you can fir your entire hand in it, so you don’t have to cure one nail at a time.  If your foot is small enough, you might even be able to get your toes done in it.

It is also good up to 50,0000 hours.  You really can’t go wrong with this. 

 morgan taylor summer colors

 Just because it’s fun to have options, I’m including not one, but two new collections from Morgan Taylor.

The Morgan Taylor Island Treasures Summer 2014 Collection is inspired by the natural palette of the tropics. All but one of these nail polishes is a rich opaque creme in dreamy colors that really do remind me of the painted houses in the Bahamas/ The colors are medium-toned, not super-light, so they are pastel, but not “baby” pink or bue, green or yellow.  And the exception? One really bold, metallic-y magenta called “Sarong so Right.”  I don’t know how it really fits into this collection of “Island” basics, but it’s the kind of super-shimmery color that picks up the sunlight and looks elegant all year long. Here are the details on the entire collection:

  • Going Native – Tranquil turquoise crème  *this picks upon the “mint” green trend that’s so popular, but it has a little bit more blue in it, making it more sea green.
  • Making Waves – Vibrant bright blue crème  *I love this color! But I’d suggest using a base coat (or two) since blue tends to stain nails.
  • Take Me To Your Tribe – Adventurous blight blue crème
  • Beach Babe – Dreamy soft peach with shimmer
  • Sarong But So Right – Chic and shimmering magenta
  • Tropical Punch – Fruity pink crème  *going to a special event? This bright pink works on fingers and toes

Available in salons and on LoxaBeauty.com May 2014

morgan taylor brights

 I didn’t get samples of the Morgan Taylor NEON collection, but I got this photo and I’m sharing it because neons are so perfect for Summer. They are so bright, so bold, so right for tanned skin and for adding a touch of brightness to those who prefer to stay pale.  Neons can be kind of matte when they dry. Since I didn’t try these I can’t tell whether or not it’s true for these neons, but it seems to be true for most.  A slick of high shine top coat fixes that and makes the color pop.  These JUST launched. Which are your favorites?


  • Don’t Touch Me, I’m Radioactive – bright blue
  • Don’t Worry, Be Brilliant  – bright coral
  • Pink Flame-ingo – bright pink
  • It’s Electric – bright purple
  • Watt Yel-looking At? – bright yellow
  • Go For The Glow – bright greenAvailable in Salons in June 2014. For more information visit: http://www.morgantaylorlacquer.com/
he new Neon Collection with six highlighter-inspired hues bright enough to light up summer nights.Available in salons June 2014
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