Ring in the New You. Dazzle with Jane Iredale and Clarins

Glamorous makeup looks are nice all year round, but when New Years Eve is the main event, it’s a must.  Your festive makeup looks,  and the products that create them, are nearly limit-less.  However,  the Advice Sisters have picked out a few items for lips and eyes that are just a little bit of a splurge. Both Jane Iredale and Clarins offer mineral makeup, and we think they’re worth the investment to ring in the new year and enjoy throughout 2013:

Jane Iredale Liquid Liner in Gold $21.00


Jane Ireldale’s products are made with pure micronized minerals and pigments without any oil to clog or enlarge pores and no talc, which can dry the skin. Each product is free of perfume, alcohol, chemical additives and artificial dyes, making them a godsend for people who suffer from rosacea, acne and other sensitive skin conditions


The year is finally coming to an end and you want to ring out the old year by dazzling your date (or your friends, or family, or just for yourself). Jane Iredale offers gold, silver and copper eye liners that give you the glitz, without going totally overboard. The fine line liquid liner is $21.00, a little splurge. However, it not only lasts a long time, it will glitz up your eyes without making them red, watery or itchy because it has a non-irritating formula. The highly pigmented iron oxide doesn’t contain chemicals or glitter, but it it will give your eyes that metallic look that says: “I’m ready to party!” Not only that, but this liquid liner contains essential oils that nourish skin and prevent drying. If you don’t feel like flaunting it with copper or gold metallic try black, or black/brown. Maybe an elongated liner or a thicker, cats eye will make your look party perfect, too. Beauty Tip: Keeping the eye open, draw a short line at the beginning, middle and end of the lid, and then connect the lines. Then apply to lash line to accentuate eyes.



Red lips are a holiday staple, but if yours need a little TLC, try Jane Iredale’s Lip Plumper in “Montreal.” The chic, slim, gold case holds a silky, sexy lipstick that is opaque, but not so intense it looks like you bit into a beet! This red is a natural one, deep and shiny, but also in a neutral tone so it is nice on everyone. The lip plumper is pretty zingy…thanks to mint and ginger that make it tingle, but special peptides also help to make your lips look full and healthy. When you’re spending $25.00 for a lipstick you want to know what else (if anything) it can do for your lips besides color them nicely. This one has time-released peptides that (Jane Iredale claims) have been shown to increase hydration and stimulate collagen synthesis. That, I can’t verify, but I can say that the spearmint and peppermint plus ginger root make lips look a bit more full, and emollient shea butter, aloe vera, and sunflower oil,pampers even the driest lips. Essential oils of lemon and tangerine also help to naturally exfoliate dead skin cells, so that red, looks even more ravishing! There are nine colors. If you are really red averse, try “Milan,” a soft, matte pink or the neutral “NYC .” For warm tones there’s a soft warm coral called “Sydney.”


The Advice Sisters don’t get a chance to review Jane Iredale’s makeup very often, but when we do, we’ve always found it to be excellent. There really is a Jane Iredale, too! She founded Jane Ireldale in 1994 , the first to supply the aesthetic industry with a skin-loving makeup line. No wonder Jane Iredale is often the makeup line of choice, in upscale spas and resorts. There is a lot of love also,on Jane Iredale’s e-commerce site. Check it out (Jane has re-instituted the practice of adding a sprig of real lavender in your your order), or contact your favorite Jane Iredale representative and tell her to come quickly, so you can beautifully ring in the new, you!

If “Santa” didn’t bring you the elegant gifts you longed for, it’s time to treat yourself. With New Years Eve just around the corner, you have the perfect excuse to buy the Odyssey Collection for Holiday 2012 by Clarins. As always, Clarins crafts colors that make you look pretty, and pretty festive, too! The collection features matte and metallic tones in gorgeous packaging. I have always thought Clarins red boxes were cheerful and festive enough, but the shiny golden compacts (in this collection with an ornate mandala-like circular design in gold on the tops) are so pretty and they’re additionally wrapped in rich red velveteen pouches. You can’t help but feel pampered , almost goddess-like, using them. Clarins Odyssey Collection has the products that make the look above and they’re the splurge you’ve been longing for.


For festive and day wear, it’s a no-brainer to fork over $40.00 for a new and totally gorgeous quartet of eye shadows called the Eye Quartet Mineral Palette (09 Odyssey). Note-able is the glamorous, glittery,  bronzy-gold glimmer shadow that can be applied as a liner with one of the two pointed sponge applicators (with glam gold handles). This is the way to wear glittery and still look elegant!  But you can make so many other pretty eye looks with the products in this palette. Highly concentrated mineral pigments are soft and blendable, and can be used dry, or wet for more intensity.  There are even some how-to suggestions included in the box. The taupe, soft brown and light tan shadows are flattering for just about everyone, and they can be worn subtly for daytime, with more intensity for drama.  Add the glittery liner ad double up on mascara for special occasions,. If you want a ton of bling, blend the glimmer shadow over your eyelids. You’ll shine, for sure!

Other pieces in the collection include a  beautifully packaged face highlighter/enhancer with fine pearl, called the NEW Odyssey Face Palette $55.00;  Gloss Prodige in Chocolate (as a bonus, Lips appear smoother and fuller from the Suprashine Colour Complex.) – $20.00; and Instant Definition Mascara - $24.00 that has an exclusive, patented dual tip brush defines lashes from corner to corner.

The Clarins Odyssey Collection is available at Clarins counters nationwide and clarins.com


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