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Then bring us a barrel and set it up right,
Bring us a barrel to last out the night;
Bring us a barrel, no matter how high,
We’ll drink it up lads, we’ll drink it dry.

(“Bring Us a Barrel” by the The Witches of Elswick from their 2003 on their first album, Out of Bed)

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If you are an afficiando of wine and spirits, you already know that wood can have a magical and profound effect on how wine and liquor tastes. smells and ages. Now, Thierrry Mugler has introduced (and re-introduced)some of his most famous fragrances with an additional element.  Angel Liquer de Parfum, Alien Liquer de Parfum and A*Men Pure Malt are all inspired by techniques used to make luxury spirits. They are  a aged for a number of weeks is wooden barrels.

ANGEL Liqueur de Parfum_WhiteAlthough Angel is by now an iconic fragrance, Angel Liquer de Parfum ($89.00 1.1 fl. oz Eau de Parfum)  has a very different sensibility. This limited edition is inspired by the manufacturing” techniques of prestigious cognacs, and based on eight weeks of distillation in a cherry wood barrel. While the original Angel fragrance is an authoritative blend of feminine fruits and flowers, with top notes of fruits, dewberry, helonial, and honey, middles notes of chocolate, caramel, and coumarin, and base notes of vanilla and patchouli. the addition of aging in a cherry wood barrel adds a different feel to it  The fragrance softens, becomes more intense, sultry, sexy with amber notes that are so sensual, and the patchouli becomes more noticeable, adding a n allure that you didn’t notice so much in the original.  It’s mysterious, more sophisticated.   I honestly like it better than the original.  And I love the packaging. The outer carton is shiny inky black  with barely noticeable blue letters, a shiny silver plaque embossed with black letters on one side, and a stunning photo of the bottle on the other.  The bottle lacquered in shades of intense blue inspired by the stopper of a cognac decanter and the topper is a clear star that is faceted and captures the light like a precious jewel. Angel Liquer de Parfum is available while it lasts at and specialty retailers and fine department stores

Holiday13_ClarinsandMugler_page2_image5The Advice Sisters never reviewed Alien by Thierry Mugler, but the designer has re-interpreted this popular fragrance of his with eight weeks of distillation in American Oak barrels. a method inspired by the techniques behind prestigious rums.  Although I am not personally familiar with Alien, I can tell you that Alien Liquer de Parfum ($89.00 1 fl. oz Eau de Parfum .) Kind of knocked my proverbial socks off.  While the fragrance doesn’t smell like rum, as someone who drinks a lot of this spirit,  it has that decadent delicious warmth to it.   It is a softly spicy oriental with  a top of jasmine sambac, middle notes of cashmeran and solar notes; and a base note of white amber.   Created by perfumer Dominique Ropion the thing I find intriguing is that while it isn’t a gourmand fragrance, there is a deliciousness to it that makes you almost want to “drink” it in your nostrils. Upon drydown, the intensity softens enough to be worn as a daytime fragrance, but I think it’s best as an evening scent,  to be enjoyed when someone is close to you.   The bottle is stunning, a faceted and shiny gold bottle with an all in one spray diffuser subtly hidden in the middle.   This limited edition fragrance is also available while it lasts at and specialty retailers and fine department stores. 



Pure Malt HILast but not least is a man’s fragrance, Pure Malt, the latest A*Men creation, also inspired by the techniques used to produce the finest whiskies. Pure Malt  ($89.00 3.4 fl. oz Eau de Toilette) is aged in American Oak barrels just as fine whiskey is, to enhance the scent with an elegance and richness you couldn’t get any other way.  The scent is smoky, with woody-spicy aromas that make it masculine and interesting, and you won’t smell it on every other man.  I didn’t get an actual read on the notes, but the top is fruits, the heart are woods and the bottom are oriental accords, smoky accords,  and peat.  The scent has “legs” and will last on his skin,  mixing with his body chemistry to become his own sensual scent.  Detractors say it isn’t sweet enough, is too sweet, or too boozy. It is pretty intense at first sniff, but it needs time (like a fine wine) to breathe and mix with your skin, Then, it’s magic. Our male reviewers like it a lot. The also liked the cool black matte rubberized bottle with the recessed spray top and the cutout in the middle showing a glass star that highlights the amber juice within.  The bottle is just made for a man’s hands. He’s going to love it!  Introduced in 2009. A*Men Pure Malt has been re-issued this year by popular demand. We can see why!  This fragrance is  available at and specialty retailers and fine department stores. 



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