Royal Revolution, a BLUEtiful fragrance with a “Killer” edge


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In some ways wearing fragrance is like putting on an invisible suit of luxurious armor. I want Royal Revolution to inspire women to make their own rules and embrace the idea that beauty and inner confidence can come together to become your secret weapon. – Katy Perry

katy perry royal revolution

katy perry royal revolution

Katy Perry may be one of America’s queens of pop music, but she has also done fabulously well with a number of lovely fragrances that bear her name.  The latest, Killer Queen’s Royal Revolution by Katy Perry  Eau de Parfum (for Coty) $49.00,  1.7 oz., is a fruity-floral fragrance that arrives in Perry’s now-signature diamond-shaped bottle. This one is a stunning, brilliant blue, mimicking that of a rare blue diamond.  The Killer Queen’s secret weapon is supposedly the scent:  that scent is one of “victory.”

Well, that might just might be poetic license, but the “victory” might just be a triumph over boring fruity florals, as this one is really quite lovely.

Royal Revolution begins with top notes of  red pomegranate and pink freesia. Jasmine and orange flower are balanced with the surprise of sandalwood in the heart, while the base has blackthorn, vanilla orchid, leather and musk. At drydown the leather and orchid kiss the skin, gently,  making this more than just the same-old, same-old fruity floral.  The fragrance isn’t overpowering but it does last.  Perry’s main audience is still young women, after all, but the scent isn’t so “girly” that a woman over 30 would feel silly wearing it, either.

royal revolution box

The presentation is beautiful.  While Katy Perry fans will purchase this because they love Katy Perry,  fragrance collectors will purchase it for the beautiful bottle.  Even the outer carton is pretty, with turquoise carton decorated with intricate swirls of silver and embellished with Perry’s coat of arms in pink.   I love just looking at this on my dressing table. It’s just so pretty!  But there’a a lot of like just for the fragrance’s sake too, of course!


You can purchase Killer Queen Royal Revolution Eau de Parfum by Katy Perry at Ulta Stores and



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