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 Have you ever attended an all vegan wedding? A reader recently posted a question to my website, Leather and Lace Advice, asking why she and her fiance couldn’t have one, against their parents wishes. Read;  Meat at Our Wedding? No Way!  Weddings really DO bring out the best and sometimes, the worst, in people. But that said, weddings are meant to be beautiful occasions. and one way to make them memorable is to look the part and to select at least one accessory that will become a treasured keepsake, or make the day easier and more joyful.

At a recent Accessories Council Event. editors got a chance to see over a dozen beautiful, dazzling and innovative ideas for brides, grooms, members of the wedding party, and guests, to consider as wedding season continues.  Well, if you consider that more than 2.3 million couples wed every year in the USA, wedding season actually never ends.


wedding ring cupcakes

This particular event was hosted by the lovely Karen Giberson, President of the Accessories Council, and Trae Bodge, Senior Lifestyle Editor for e serves as a senior lifestyle editor for The Real Deal by RetailMeNot.  The Accessories Council invites beauty, fashion and lifestyle editors who are no slouches in their own rightt to these events, but Traie has  been featured in Elle, Essence, InStyle, Real Simple and Redbook magazines and has regularly appeared on the Today show with Hoda and Kathie Lee, CNN, Fox Business Network and affiliates at ABC, CBS, Fox and NBC, so I have to admit that she has a leg up on most of us when it comes to selecting products for review.  

I have selected some of the many products that were showcased at the bridal event to share with you. The ones I’ve showcased here are certainly perfectly for brides, but the point is that even if a wedding is not in your future and you have no intention of ever saying “I do” to anyone, you will still be ooh-ing and aah-ing and find reasons to buy these…..treat yourself! 




The Advice Sisters have long been fans of Skyn Iceland Products (you can find our reviews on this blog through the search box in the upper right hand corner) and you can access older review in our What Works archives (there’s a search box at the bottom of that page).  At this event, the product being showcased was the Skyn Iceland Hydro Cool Firming Face Gels ($35.00)  which may look a little scary, but they’re a very effective, intensive treatment that helps to flatten expression lines and prevent new ones, and all it takes is 1o minutes. The patches are infused with skin loving peptides that plump forehead furrows and deep creases around the mouth while deliver a soothing burst of Icelandic Glacial Water. Hydrolyzed Extensin moisturizes and hexapeptide actually helps to relax facial muscle contractions (so it smooths out the look of wrinkles) plus copper tripeptide activates the skin’s natural renewal system to help firm and tone, while cutting edge, antioxidant-rich stem cell extracts [ginseng and tomato] boost collagen production and help to prevent damage down the road. For a stressed-out bride or someone who travels (or who has just come back from a honeymoon) this is a real pick me up.  I’d put the patches on my face in private if I really was a new bride, but it’s useful to find 10 minutes for “me time” anyway!  Available on &

swarovski crystal mini bella earringskaren giberson


Kim Kardashian’s round-cut diamond earrings are estimated to have retailed for about $200,000, but the average bride can’t swing the cost of bling like that. However,  anyone, from bride to bridesmaid to guest, can swing the cost of these Swarovski Mini Bella Earrings that are just $60.00 and give off lots of sparkle. The simple design won’t compete with your hair style and other adornments, but Karen Giberson was wearing them at the Accessories Council event, and they were giving off lots of  flash, sparkling aplenty on her ears, but they were glamorous, not gaudy.Fergie, Lady Gaga, Carrie Underwood and Taylor Swift are just some of the celebrities who’ve worn Swarovski’s Bella Earrings over the years. Katy Perry loves them so much; she’s worn both the original and the mini versions. The new Mini Bella Earrings come in six different variations.   They’re perfect for brides or the bridal party, but they’re not so fancy that you couldn’t also wear them to work. These would make nice earrings for evening if you travel, since most of us don’t want to carry precious gems with us (we’re not “Kim” and we don’t have bodyguards to watch our bling). Get yours at Swarovski boutiques nationalwide and  on the Swarovski web site


More “bridal” looking and fancy enough for any special occasion are these Roman Elegance Antique Inspired Crystal Drop Earrings that look really expensive, but cost just $25.00!  These drop earrings feature an art deco, crystal encrusted ornament with filigree detail.  The French wires clip securely so they won’t slip off your ears no matter how vigorously you dance the night away.  There’s nothing nicer than knowing you’ve got a great accessory at a fabulous price. This pair is perfect for so many occasions, and it’s available on the RomanSunstone Web Site  *tip:  there are tons of other really affordable jewelry pieces, too….shop happy! 


deepa beaded belt#ACTOPPICKSBRIDALFALL2014_page17_image24


Deepa Gurnani  is known for absolutely gorgeous beaded items, handcrafted in India. Her beaded belt was perhaps the one item that got the most “oohs and aahs” from the editors at the Accessories Council bridal event. Alas, my photos of the belt displayed which was a Pearl & Crystal Medallion Sash for $420.00 didn’t come out well (see it below), but the one above for $300.oo gives you an idea of the intricacy of her work. You definitely do NOT have to be a bride to spiff up a dress, skirt or even some pants for evening with one of these fabulous belts. She also does headbands and handbags. Oh, how I want one!!!!!   If your budget can stamd a little splurge, check out Deepa’s web site


photo frame

Receiving a piece of Lenox china is really a bit of a bridal right of passage. It seems like the minute you announce you are engaged, someone is going to give you a piece of Lenox!  But you don’t have to be a bride to want this lovely Lenox Opal Innocence Silver Frame (srp. $108.00)  with a delicate vine motif with glistening silver, and trimming delicate scalloped edges in precious platinum.  It is reallyl one of the more elegant and beautiful picture frames for it allows you to really showcase the photo.  Of course it makes a fabulous engagement or wedding gift, but since it doesn’t have those annoying wedding bells or doves, you can just use it to display a photo of someone or something you love. Get yours on the Lenox web site

#ACTOPPICKSBRIDALFALL2014_page17_image36Evening bags are touch and go — you either love it or loathe it.  But if you’re a fan of silver, you’re going to flip for this Mesh Clutch with Bow by Jessica McClintock which is, amazingly, just $55.00. What’s so cool about this bag is that it is big enough for a bride, a member of the wedding party, or a guest, to actually carry some essential such as a phone, keys, lipstick, beauty items and so forth, and still not be too weighed down. You can wear it as a clutch or pull the delicate chain strap out of the bag and sling it on your shoulder. Either way, the soft sided, shiny silver mesh bag with a huge bow on the font (made up of tiny silver balls)  makes this evening bag more of a youthful, fun-loving but still dressing bag to carry for a special event. Get yours from Zappos or Amazon





colette malouf14SG-659-921-Crystal_Silver_Shade-1
Collette Malouf is synonymous with gorgeous hair accessories bridal and not.  Although my photo of Trae wearing Collette Malouf’s Midnight Lily Crown ($298.00)  isn’t a great one, you can get an idea from this photo of how lovely one of her hair ornaments would be for a bride who wants a spectacular adornment.  This one will be available on the Collette Malouf web site in September but a simple rhinestone comb will run you under $100 and you can find plenty of other beautiful hair ornaments to wear for any occasion, right now.

Beauty Bonus:  This “how-to” video on Collette Malouf’s website that shows you how to use a comb in various ways. Whether you’re a bride or not, this little video will give you some great ideas!




The craziest item at the bridal event also turned out to be the one that caused the greatest excitement.  The Glitzy GirlyGoGarter was designed by a woman who truly needed to carry a lot of personal items (she worked on one of my favorites shows: “1o Years Younger” and designed this garter for her own use to wear around her leg. As she perfected it she realized that it really was a boon for women and that it could carry a lot of stuff.  Talk about going without a pocketbook, this truly makes it easy.  And, of course, if you are traveling, you can take your passport and other personal items and put them where no one is going to reach in and steal them. No, that’s not a joke. This Girly Go Garter is $55.00 and comes in a a variety of colors, but it will hold up to 3 pounds securely, on your thigh. For a bride, the idea might be that she could hold her essentials during the ceremony and then at the reception she could “reveal” it and let the “crowd” go a bit wild. The beautiful beaded detail makes this garter perfect for evening wear or formal occasions!  To purchase visit  the Girly Go Garter Web Site 



There were some other interesting items being showcased at this bridal event as well, including  some skincare items by New York City Dermatologist, Dr. Altcheck.  His AltchekMD Preventative & Corrective Anti-Aging Skincare Eye Gel Pads & Night Treatment l $20.00 & $30.00 can help stressed out brides, or anyone who is interested in dealing with visible signs of aging. The Eye Gel Pads help reduce the appearance of fine lines and puffiness, while hydrating the sensitive skin under the eyes. The Restorative Serum leaves skin with a velvety feel, as the product helps to restore and replenish skin’s moisture, while you sleep thanks to ingredients like Vitamin C (available at ULTA stores nationwide  and online at


Also showcased was Auburn Jewelry’s bridal pendants of beautiful enamel.  The Advice Sisters highlighted some of her lovely cuff links in our Accessories Council Father’s Day gift roundup 

Wacky but sure to be a hit with girls who love drama and flash, are the crystal-encrusted and totally re-useable drinking straws from Straw Envy that cost a Queenly $39.99 to $49.99 but are certain to make an impression any time you use them, or at a party. They also make fantastic gifts – straws are available in packages of two or four, and come with a decorative fabric carrying case. Avaialable on the StrawEnvy web site

If you are the type of woman who always loses her keys, a shower favor to be fond of will be the Alexx Inc.  Finders Key Purse which is so affordable at just $6.95 (this would make a fabulous stocking stuffer for the holidays, too–give one to all your co-workers)!   Finders Key Purse® hangs on the side of your purse or bag with keys safely inside. It decorates the outside and keys are easy to find, every time.  The Finders Key Purse® are available at many small gift shop/boutiques across the US, in Hobby Lobby, HEB, and online at


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