Shhh! This is Your Nail’s SINFUL Secret! #SinfulColors

nails that rock collection

sinful colors nails that rock collection fall 2014

I’m just  saying it: Sinful Colors Nail polish might be the best kept secret and the best little splurge you can get when it comes to budget-minded beauty.

You won’t find Sinful Colors Nail Polish at department store makeup counters, but you will  find it available at major drug and mass market retailers like Walgreens and Target, for just $1.99 a 0.5 fl. oz..  The polish comes in a rainbow of  a gazillion fashionable colors, and more importantly, the quality is there along with the color.

Sinful Colors polish is proudly made in the USA. It has all the things you would want and expect from any leading nail polish brand, such as lasting color, lots of shine, and no damaging formaldehyde, toluene or DBP.  I have wear tested dozens of different Sinful Colors polishes over the past couple of years and they have never failed to delight me with the same beauty and performance that a luxe brand should provide. In fact, Sinful Colors does better than a lot of those other brands.

So I’m a fan, but what I really look forward to are the new color collections.  There are plenty of newbies for Fall 2014, although mixed in are a few popular favorites from previous collections. 24 Karat was part of last years’  holiday and GoGo Girl and Why Not are existing shades from the line — but really cares?  This entire Fall 2014 will “rock” your world with geode/gemstone inspired colors.
sinful colors1

Starry Night,  Vintage, Shining Couture, Why Not, Haute Shine, Dream On, GoGo Girl, Thiimbleberry, Charmed, Prosecco, 24 Karat

sinful colors group fall 2014 compressed

a closer look at the bottles,featuring: Shining Couture, Why Not, Haute Shine, Dream On, GoGo Girl, Thiimbleberry, Charmed, Prosecco, 24 Karat

In the  top photo I took, starting from left to right, there are:
Starry Night ( a deep black with parti colored glittery) , Vintage (emerald green with lots of shimmer), Why Not? (an intense, matte, turquoise);  Shining Couture (a glittery turquoise full of shimmer that looks dark in the bottle, but is fairly bright on your nails); “Haute Shine (a luminous, bright,  ruby);  Dream On (bright fuschia); GoGo Girl (a true clear red); Thimbleberry (an intense, warm coral); Charmed (a bold silvery glitter); Prosecco (shimmery soft gold beige); 24 Karat (gold glitter infused in a clear base).
There is no way for me to suggest which ones are nicest or best, because that would be clearly subjective.  However, if you twist my arm I’ll admit I love Charmed because it is just so stunningly silver, and Thimbleberry is such a beautiful coral –and if you are a fan of coral you know a great one when you see one. Some of the colors definitely are meant for warmer skin tones, some for cooler.  One tip:  shake the bottles well before you apply or you’ll get a sheer coat instead of the  full, opaque effect.
You can buy this entire set of the Fall 2014 Nails that Rock collection, inspired by gemstones, for less than one bottle of a lot of the boutique brands. And once these are on your finger and toes no one will know you spent less than $2.00 a bottle to make a fabulous, fashion statement.    This collection is available exclusively at Walgreens, but if you don’t have one near you call toll free:  800-448-0763 or visit

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