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Still sunning?  Who could blame you?  We want to enjoy those last days of Summer rays, while we can.  But keep in mind that your skin is going to feel the effects for weeks, maybe months, to come.  These three products from Phytomer will help you enjoy the sun, and maximize your skin’s health.  And Sun Serenity will also help you maintain any tan you might have created while it works to soothe sun-exposed skin.  So soak up the sun as you will, but do it safely (read our sun facts article), and try these three Phytomer products (and one from Korres)  to keep your skin in good condition!

sun serenity

sun serenity

Sun parched skin is sensitive skin. but whether your skin is sensitive or not, Phytomer’s SUN SERENITY RENEWING TAN ENHANCING FLUID ($50.00 1.6 fl. oz.)is a lotion that will help deal with skin that has been exposed to the sun, and needs extra TLC. It features a 2-in-1 formula to renew sun-exposed skin as it helps maintain the look of your tan. Nutrient-rich coastal microalgae repairs UV damage while pheohydrane strengthens your skin’s natural protective barrier to plump and soften. Marine oligosaccharides offer anti-inflammatory benefits, promoting a calm, comfortable feel that lasts. The pleasant, lightweight lotion has Vitmin E, Dimethicone and other antioxidants to soothe skin and help repair it. The actives are “D-TOX microalgae” Repairs cell damage caused by UV, the source of premature skin aging. Marine oligosaccharides: Anti-inflammatory and soothing. Salicorne Oil and Maritime Lavender Oil: Strengthen the skin barrier and help prevent peeling and prolong the tan. Pheohydrane: Restructures the hydrolipidic film, binds water in the tissues for an immediate and long-lasting moisturizing effect.



phytomer sun soother after sun mask

phytomer sun soother after sun mask

Well, you know better than to bake in the sun, but you did it anyway?  Phytomer’s Sun Soother After-Sun Mask ( $43.00 1.6 fl. oz.  will help you hydrate and nourish sun-parched and sensitive skin.  This facial mask  has panthenol and hyaluronic acid , plus “Pheohydrane,” which is an algae extract that can help strengthen your skin’s natural protective barrier, locking in moisture for a long-lasting, comfortable feel. It also has “Cytoprotectine”  to help combat those damaging free radicals and help your complexion look more radiant.  Just 5-10 minutes will give your skin a real boost.  Even if you don’t normally use a facial mask, this one is a must-have if you’ve over-indulged in the sun or if your skin just feels dry and tight.  Just apply a medium layer to your face and neck and relax. You can even chill the mask in the refrigerator before using it. It’s really refreshing after a long, hot day. Ingredients

face and body lotion

Phytomer Sun Soother After-Sun Milk Face and Body Lotion

This product is one that you can use on both your face and your body. The Phytomer Sun Soother After-Sun Milk (8.4 fl oz. $49.00) is a bit of an indulgence, but the lightweight lotion really soothes skin that has been sensitized or over-exposed in the sun. It is formulated with pheohydrane and phycosaccharides, nourishing algae extracts, to help enhance your natural lipid barrier and lock in moisture. When your skin has been baking in the sun, it also needs conditioning and it will get it, thanks to shea butter that helps to soften and smooth. And it has Vitamin E and Dimethicone and antixoidants, too. I really feel like this product pampers your skin, and it absorbs very quicklywith no scent, adding instant plumping and moisture. The only issue I had with it was that it felt a little “tacky” at first.
It could be that I just used a bit too much — everyone’s skin is different. The product is also suitable for all skin types.

For More information Visit the Phytomer Web Site

If your skin is already compromised by lotions, potions, sun blocks and more, you still need to hydrate it. One product that is particularly great for oily to combination skin is the Pomegranate Balancing Cream-Gel Moisturizer by Korres $32.00 11.35 Fl. oz.  This little jar of lightweight cream hydrates, balanced and softens skin and leaves it with a matte finish. It absorbs very quickly, leaving no sticky residue behind.  But even though it is lightweight, it has some very important ingredients that help benefit skin including 15% Pomegranate water and Pomegranate Extract:A powerful anti-oxidant, rich in Vitamins A, C & E, tannins and polyphenols, helps to minimize the appearance of pores and rejuvenate the skin.   There is also Alpine Willowherb extract to refine the appearance of pores, and provide a matte finish, while  Hyaluronic acid immediately moisturizes and smoothes, and Salicylic acid conditions skin.  Carob tree polysaccharides and pro-vitamin b5 provides immediate and long-term hydration , Vitamins C & E in combination with avocado extract, provide anti-oxidant benefits.  
Korres claims that this product is “clinically proven in only 4 weeks to minimize the look of pores, help reduce the appearance of redness and improve skin radiance. ”  I can’t substantiate that, but I can say that there are plenty of proven, good-for-your-skin ingredients that will provide benefits, especially if your skin has been compromised by too much fun in the sun.  I have included a graphic from the Korres web site to show you that Korres caresabout a lot of what goes into their products, and a lot of what they keep out of them, including how they package their products too. I’ve always been a Korres fan, and this particular moisturizer is good — for anyone who wants a lightweight moisturizer that packs a lot into a product without making skin suffer for it!  
For More Information Visit the Korres Web Site

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