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vintage lunchpails from the Smithsonian

In the early 20th century, those who couldn’t go home for lunch began bringing food to their jobs in “lunch pails” which were often nothing more than recycled biscuit tins or tobacco tins, many decorated with colorful,  lithographed images on the metal.  As pioneer author Laura Ingalls Wilder described her schoolgirl days, she and her sister commonly shared a lunch pail filled with  bread, meat, and other simple foods.

lunchbox plaidBy the time I was bringing my lunch (to day camp) I had a square, red plaid lunchbox with a thermos inside. Mom packed it with a sandwich, a piece of fruit and sometimes, a piece of chocolate.   Many of the other kids had similar lunch boxes, or theirs had cartoon or comic book characters or their scenes from their favorite television shows on them.  But the Lunch box I’m reviewing today is something that holds a delicious surprise you can’t eat, but you can smell!  It is a limited edition Caravan Lunchbox from Anna Sui and what’s nestled inside isn’t a soggy sandwich and a thermos, it is one of the designer’s gorgeous fragrances!   

Anna Sui has created limited edition accessory for those who want something different and playful. These are seriously cute!  Worthy of note is that the designer loves travel, loves the unique, and so she embraces a “boho lifestyle” in  many of her designs.  It’s the inspiration behind the four limited edition”Anna Sui Caravan”  lunchboxes that are shaped like Bohemian wagons, each in a different color, and each containing a  50 ml bottle of one of the designer’s fragrances from her collection Speaking of which, these are bound to become coveted collector’s items too, so if you want one, get yours now. The artist is Michael Economy, who created the iconic Dolly Girl fragrance bottles for Anna Sui. These tin lunchpails have another unique feature, they have one “window” with what is definitely meant to be a stylized portrait of a “boho” Anna Sui herself, gazing dreamily from within.

The cost of each lunch pail with fragrance is just $60.00 (except la Vie De Boheme which is $5.00 more), making them an affordable luxury!    You can use the lunchbox as a mini-sized lunchbox if you like, more most women will probably use it as a cute statement purse, or to hold some “treasures” on their shelf or dressing table.  It would also make a fabulous gift for a young woman going off to college or beginning High School.  The fragrance will give her confidence, the lunch box can become a “memory box” of her new adventures!

There are several different lunch boxes, and each has a different fragrance within:

La Vie de Bohème – A fruity floral scent of Turkish rose, sparking pear and kissed with rich berries and dragonfruit play against the woods, sheer musks, and a black vanilla and sandalwood accord to deliver a playful, yet deeply mysterious fragrance.


Flight of Fancy - The delicious bursts of litchi, yuzu, and java lemon entice your senses, while the soft floralcy of star magnolia, rose blossom, and sheer purple rain freesia with warm undercurrent of amber crystals, skin musk, and white woods create a tranquil serenity.


Fairy Dance – Opening with sparkling notes of tangerine, mango and pink pepper, this enchanting scent has a heart of rose, surprising the senses with every move. Balanced by peony and bamboo, it creates fresh, radiant warmth while sandalwood, vetiver and vanilla form the base, yielding an unexpected seduction to this playful fragrance.


Secret Wish – This lush scent is filled with a bouquet of juicy fruits: sparkling lemon, melon, velvety tagete, followed by the flirtatious charm of pineapple and mystifying facet of blackcurrant. Warm white cedarwood and amber intensifies and deepens the scent, finishing with a light touch of musk for an infinitely feminine wake.

flight of fancy

flight of fancy lunchbox Anna Sui

flight of fancy lunchbox Anna Sui















I received the Flight of Fancy Caravan Lunchbox containing the tart and uplifting Flight of Fancy Fragrance.  The bottle is gorgeous, a substantial, rectangular cube of clear glass with a tinted rose bottom, a delicate screen of black hibiscus in a chain on the back side of the cube, and a stunning topper in the shape of a peacock’s tail, fully open. The fragrance, launched in 2007, is bright and fruity but not sweet. You really smell the lemon and yuzu notes and they stick with you throughout, but upon drydown you get a whiff of the floral heart and the light touch of musk, amber and wood at the bottom.

You don’t have to be going back to school to want one of these, but you DO have to be quick to get yours.  Shop them online at Beautylish.

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