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As a beauty reviewer, I don’t like to review skin care products from lab samples, because there usually isn’t enough in a lab sample to use the product long enough to draw an educated conclusion about it. Furthermore, packaging and delivery systems are not the same in lab sample packaging as in the full sized containers. But when it comes to travelI am a huge fan of sample-sized products that give you enough for a weekend (or a week) away. You already know the products. You get enough to use them for your trip, and you can take them and toss the containers, leaving you more room on the way home for souvenirs.

In a few days, I’m going to Paris to visit friends, attend a couture runway show, enjoy a facial at famed Orlane, and of course, enjoy all the delights that France has to offer. In my Lipault Luggage (fabulous, lighyweight luggage from France) which I’m also going to be writing about on this advicesisters.net web site, I will be carrying the $25.00 LiftLab Kit of skincare. This lab sample collection of the LIFTLAB skincare system provides TSA-compliant products for people like me, who take their skincare seriously, but who also aren’t going to lug five full sized bottles of pricey (and break-able) skincare products to Paris!  LiftLab products are impressive, with anti-aging formulas created to work together to reverse visible signs of aging and preserve  the skin’s youthful appearance.

These are small samples, enough, if you use them sparingly, for about five days. The Treatment Serum however, is $145.00 for an ounce, with the other products hovering in the high end price range as well.  High tech products promising impressive results are what you are paying for. A  biotech entrepreneur worked with a team of scientists to isolate a cell protection protein from plants and from a subarctic fish — the CPP  protected that fish cold-induced injury and UV-ray damage and prevented dehydration by binding to water (and therefore, cells from the same).  Through biotech magic, this was discovered to be a great skincare ingredient that works within skin cells to protect and promote the cells’ own natural ability for regeneration and repair (go figure).  LiftLab products all have this naturally-derived CPP  and the products don’t have any parabens, or artificial colors and fragrances.  The products aren’t tested on animals, either.  LIFTLAB formulations can be used on dry, oily, combination or sensitive skin types, as well as all skin tones.

My LiftLab Lab Kit arrived in a simple, fabric, drawstring  bag. I actually expected  it to be housed a bit more gently, perhaps in a zippered pouch. I’m putting mine in a plastic, zip-lock bag so nothing leaks out of the three screw top jars and two dropper-style plastic bottles. But the ingredients in the products are what you are paying for (more on that in a moment) . Your “kit” includes:   0.14 oz PURIFY & CLARIFY; 0.14 oz LIFT & FIX High Potency Solution; 0.14 oz LIFT & REPAIR Treatment Serum; 0.27 oz LIFT & MOISTURIZE Daily Cream; 0.14 oz LIFT & FIRM Eye Cream

In case you want to know what to do with these precious products, here is  how to use them:

    1. Mix a pea size amount of PURIFY & CLAIRFY with water and gently cleanse face, neck and décolleté in circular motions for 30 seconds. This can also be used and a Detox Mask when left on for 3 minutes, 2x’s wkly. Rinse thoroughly.
    2. After cleansing, gently apply LIFT & FIX High Potency Solution onto skin until completely absorbed.
    3. Follow with an application of the LIFT & REPAIR Treatment Serum.
    4. Finish with gentle massage of the LIFT & MOISTURIZE Daily Cream onto face and neck.
    5. Lastly, gently pat LIFT & FIRM Eye Cream around eye area. Repeat am and pm daily.

See? Easy!

There is an intrinsic pleasure to using products that are luxurious, and high performance.  If I have any complaints, it’s that the formulations have a few strange scents (light but chemical smelling — these disappate quickly) and I wish there was a moisturizer with SPF in it, because I’m one of those who hates to add yet another facial product on top of all the things I’m already applying, plus foundation.  But the serums in particular, made my skin feel immediately silky and soft and I felt pampered.  If you’ve never tried LiftLab and don’t want to shell out lots of money for these five fabulous products up front, try the kit for $25.00 and see which products you can’t live without first. Then order the full sizes.

For more information and to order visit: http://www.theliftlab.com

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