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Photo by David Webber for Moroccanoil

If I had to pick just one show that embodies all the creativity, excitement, glamour and just plain fun of the runway  it is The Blonds.  David and Philippe Blond never disappoint their audience of loving fans, who can’t wait to see the glittery, glamorous, flamboyant, and generally eye popping bustiers (and even less) walking down the runway. Even the guests are a show (more on that in my next post).

Photo by David Webber for Moroccanoil

Spring 2013 brought The Blonds fans another glittery, extravagant runway show called: “Psycho Beach Party,” but you wouldn’t recognize “Gidget” from this beach party.  If I could pick anything that remotely tied it to the beach, it would be Daryl Hanna in “Splash.”

Long, blonde wigs bobbed up and down over bodies clad mostly in killer shoes and the the usual (but always gorgeous),  glittery, beaded, encrusted with glamour, bustiers and bodysuits.  Some had sea shells and stars and one featured two very large tubes of red and pink lipstick, strategically placed, while another was festooned with pop art pink flowers that looked like they had just been plucked from the 1970’s show “Laugh In.”  Of course, there were a few “boy toys” wearing nothing much at all, besides a sheepish grin and a hat and thong, and gold jewelry.  These gentlemen are easy on the eyes and exude confidence, although one lad, clad in a “speedo” made of old lady bathing suit cap, with a cap to match,  wore a sheepish grin, in his  “tongue in chic” beach getup.

There is always a theatrical element to The Blonds. While an audience member wore what appeared to be a bona fide Blondes bustier heavy with chains, and a black headdress of feathers complete with a bleached animal skull of some sort, ala Georgia O’Keefe, the runway itself, in the middle of the show, featured the “Jaws” music, and of course, a giant shark jaw.

I didn’t get backstage to cover the beauty aspects of this, but the nails, but Creative Nail Design, features plenty of sea-centric jewels, pearls and ground glass. Philippe, always up for the most over-the-top look, had nails that looked like shark fins.  Philippe, obsessed with Barbie, had his models wear long blonde hair on red latex headpieces, created by Antonio Corral Calero (for Moroccanoil). MAC created the makeup.

If the view from the runway sounds like it’s s a crazy, colorful circus, the actual fashion is really more tame, although hardly subdued. The Blonds’ very distinctive clothing may seem over the top dressed up on the runway, but taken into the real world, I have seen The Blonds bustiers worn by celebrities and even at Formal Night on a cruise ship. On celebrity guest Paris Hilton, for example, The Blonds bustier looked positively elegant.

The truth is, fashion is supposed to be fun, and anyone with even a shred of confidence can take a piece of The Blonds’ creations, and make it work, with more traditional pieces of their own. Or, of course, you can wear the look from head to toe and be the center of attention.  That is what fascinates me every time I see The Blonds. In truth, anyone of any age could wear items from The Blonds, depending upon how “out there” you want to style it.  You can wear a leather jacket like Adam Lambert does  (he’s a fixture at these shows) , or do a Paris Hilton, wearing a bustier with a pencil skirt and heels. Or, you can go for a look from head to toe (see woman in bustier with feather/head-dress topped with animal skull, above) and turn heads with the intention to shock.

Beauty Tips: Antonio Corral Calero, Moroccanoil Artistic Director, created the hair looks for The Blonds Spring / Summer 2013 collection. Inspired by the sultry sensuality of million-dollar mermaid Esther Williams and the early 90s “Sex” looks of Madonna, the avant-garde style had a strong, iconic edge. But you don’t have to be a runway model to love Moroccanoil products. Moroccanoil® Treatment is has an argan‐oil infused formula that silkens hair and makes it shiny and less frizzy.  It also strengthens, conditions and speeds drying time.  You might also try Moroccanoil® Glimmer Shine Spray and lock in that “Barbie” style with Moroccanoil® Luminous Hairspray Medium .


Creative Nail Design’s  CND’s Kristina Estabrooks envisioned nails for “Pyscho Beach Party” as usual, with hand-crafted nails that were embellished to the nines: Shark Bites, skinny dip blue, and red caviar over CND Polish in Blackjack.  This season, Creative Nail Design used a lot more pree-fab, press-on nails to speed the manicure process backstage, but for The Blonds, the nails have always been so elaborate they have to be pre-made!

..and of course Kabuki with the M.A.C Pro Team did the makeup. Shoes by Christian Louboutin, Jewelry by Noir.

Also, thanks to MAO PR , the show is always a joy to attend!

Just one coveted piece, be it a bustier or a jacket, shows that you love fashion and can wear it with total confidence.  To learn more about The Blonds and see better photos than I was able to take from my fourth row perch,  visit their Facebook Page:


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