The Holiday are Rough but the Plant-based Skincare Line from accént® is Gentle #skincare

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Dry skin is something that everyone faces during the Winter months, because cold, wind, dry heat and other environmental saboteurs can really do a number even on normal skin, those with really sensitive skin, really suffers, because their already delicate skin takes a real beating.  And if the product they’re using have too many chemicals and man-made ingredients that can lurk in the formulas, and end up being harsh, it’s a double whammy. Even a moisturizer or a cleanser that claims to be helpful, can make skin suffer even more. 

Luckily,  a new skincare line from accént® covers all of those problems. The products use a blend of plant-based enzymes and amino acids that claim to work not for your skin, but in concert with your skin. The blend of plant enzymes and amino acids are called Protease Technology and are exclusive to accént® products. Blending extracts from fig, pineapple and kiwi with moisturizers and amino acids, the line of products is truly innovative. The plant enzymes and amino acids are supposed to help activate the body’s ability to make ceramides (the fatty lipids in skin cells that make them appear healthy) and restore the skin’s natural protective barrier.

accént® is particularly useful if you happen to have very sensitive skin because the body wash and lotion are both paraben-free, propylene glycol-free, gluten-free, non-irritating, non-drying and non-comedogenic (will not block pores) The body wash and lotion work in tandem to be gentle and moisturizing—perfect for every type of tired winter skin!  This reporter was happy to see that the company cares about sensitive skin ad provides a simple routine to make it easy — all you need is a body wash and moisturizing lotion.  Simple! 

The body wash comes in a 12 oz plastic bottle with an easy-open top. It is advertised as fragrance free, but still has a slight soapy smell that is refreshing and light. It only takes a very small amount of soap to create a lather, so the 12 ounces will last for a long time.

The lotion also comes in a 12oz bottle with a pump. In daily practice, the lotion goes a lot faster than the body wash because it is not a thick formula. Sometimes after one application (3-4 pumps of lotion), most of the lotion would be too quickly absorbed into the skin and need another application. Other than that, the lotion is great because it is non-greasy and moisturizes without laying on top of the skin.

For a complete skincare routine, accént® couldn’t be easier or gentler.  The affordable products are a great way to close out 2013, and a great way to begin 2014.  The cleansing wash retails for $14.99 and the lotion for $15.99 and can be found at your local CVS or More information about accént® products can be found here:


The Advice Sisters reporter on this article is Katie Rice, a writer who works in eBook publishing, marketing and PR during  the week and also writes for The Advice Sisters, on weekends.

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