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Alien Eau Extraordinaire Eau de Parfum


 adjective ˈā-lē-ən, ˈāl-yən

: not familiar or like other things you have known : different from what you are used to

: from another country

: too different from something to be acceptable or suitable

For a beauty editor, the world “Alien” conjurs up only one thing: a fragrance by designer Thierry Mugler.  The Advice Sisters never reviewed the original Alien that launched in 1995, but it was one of those fragrances that if you loved it, you really, really  loved it.   It was made in heaven for lovers of jasmine, intense jasmine.  The original Alien was described as a gargantuan jasmine fragrance featuring a very intense sambac jasmine note.  It also had  a significant heart containing cashmere wood and white amber in the base. Like Thierry Mugler’s  other beloved and iconic fragrance, “Angel,”   Alien is memorable and has staying power. 

And, like Angel, the Muglas has made many different versions of Alien, including a new, lighter version just perfect for warmer weather.  So for Summer 2014 The Advice Sisters are excited to tell you about Alien Eau Extraordinaire, which is described as ” a floral, woody, amber creation in three revelations.”

I am at a disadvantage having not ever smelled the original Alien, and this fragrance is really not at all like the Alien Liquer de Parfum. a limited edition that the designer did for holiday 2013 in which he  re-interpreted the popular fragrance with an 8-week distillation in American Oak barrels.  Alien Eau Extraordinaire,  created by Dominique Ropion (who worked on the original Alien fragrance) and Veronique Nyberg, both of IFF,  has nods to the original fragrance, but it is much lighter and more floral.  What is delightful about this scent is that what you sense at first is not what you really get, as  immediate perceptions are deceiving. Those “three revelations” that are described really do exist and are revealed as you wear the fragrance

1st revelation: Freshness: Tunisian neroli  that has hints of orange blossom and also Italian bergamot tea (bergamot, which is lemony, with hints of tea).

2nd revelation:  florals: quickly, the fruits blows away and the exotic heart of tiare flower is revealed. It’s intense and exotic, a classic floral from the Pacific Islands.  I’m assuming in this version of Alien it is the substitute for the intense jasmine. I admit that my nose doesn’t enjoy intense exotic florals, but for those who love them, this is going to be a nice surprise.  Cashmeran (an original note) is warm and woody and  blends well with that “big” floral to bring down the intensity.

3rd revelation:  Almost like peeling an orange, there’s the last, delicious surprise. At drydown, Alien Eau Extraordinaire is like another fragrance entirely, as it if has settled into a soft, comforting, artfully  blended beauty.  It is as though the fragrance has experienced a calm after the storm. White amber (a signature of Alien) and heliotrope, add a softness to end up as a kiss of floral with a hint of fruitiness, light and lovely for warmer weather.

alien eau extraordinaire with box

alien eau extraordinaire with box

Packaging:  Mugler fragrance are not the same-old, same-old.  The packaging is always spectacular, with some featuring refillable flacons, some not. This bottle for Eau Extraordinaire is not refillable, but it’s similar in size and shape to the beautiful and futuristic original, but this time in clear glass with shiny gold accents and chunks of clear crystal near the spray diffuser. The outer carton is pristine white, with accents of shiny gold, a photo of the bottle on one side, a photo of a woman wearing a dramatic strapless “goddess gown” draped in a gold shawl, against an elaborate backdrop of a fan-like vaulted altar.  “Alien” in a futuristic font done in metallic gold, decorates the sides. Adding to the luxury element is the the Thierry Mugler Circle. A small card in an envelope is included in each carton, inviting the bearer to join the brand’s “inner circle.”  Sign up and you’ll get access to new launches, to the designer’s virtual world, a blog, and more open communication with the brand.


Beauty  Tip:  One lovely way to wear this fragrance is to mist it in the air, then walk through it, letting the scent “settle” on your hair, skin, and clothes.


Alien Eau Extraordinaire by Thierry Mugler Eau de Toilette refillable Spray is available in a 3 fl. oz size for $89.00 or a 2 fl. oz. size for $69.00. Get yours at Thierry Mugler counters of visit the Thierry Mugler Website




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