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If you were to name your favorite make-up stores, would your local CVS, Walgreens, Duane Reade, fill-in-the-blank drugstore make the list? Probably not. But here’s why it should: Neutrogena. Though they got their break selling mild clear soap in the 1950s, today Neutrogena offers everything from their famous amber soap to acne products, anti-aging and other skincare items, and color cosmetics.   This reporter had the chance to sample three color cosmetics products from Neutrogena that cost just $8.49 each.  That’s amazing!  I tried the Crease Proof Eye Shadow, MoistureSmooth Colot Stock, and the Healthy Lengths Mascara.

Picture 13Neutrogena’s Crease Proof Eye Shadow ($9.49) comes in a clever stick that retracts like a lipstick and doesn’t require a brush—or even a finger—for application! Simply twist until the stick is exposed and apply to the eyelids. Though it comes in a stick, the shadow goes on much more like a powder than a cream. It is the best of both worlds: it goes on easy and has the staying power of a cream, but it feels like a powder and isn’t sticky in the slightest. It comes through on the promise to be crease proof—after a full day of work and then dinner, the eye shadow stayed put and still looked shimmery and pretty. The colors options range from a light pink to a shimmery taupe with a few shades of champagne in between. They brighten up the eye and are perfect for a simple, light daytime look.  Neutrogena® Crease Proof Eye Shadow instantly revives and brightens eyes with sheer, silky color and light reflecting pearls. Built-in primer prevents creasing, fading and smudging, while the anti-oxidant rich formula nourishes the delicate eye area.   The Advice Sisters like the user-friendly, neutral shades (the deepest is “Stay Put Plum” which is still soft, although deeper than the other tones).  We didn’t wear the product for 12 hours but the Ophthamologist and Dermatologist-tested eye shadows are safe even for sensitive eyes, and can be removed with soap and water as well as eye makeup remover.

neutrogena healthy lenghts mascarasThe perfect complement to Neutrogena’s crease-proof shadow is the Healthy Lengths Mascara ($8.49 Srp.). It boasts the inclusion of Vitamin E and olive oil in the formula, which are said to increase moisture in the lashes, making them stronger throughout the day. The carbon black shade is a true black and goes on without clumping or flaking—even after hours of wear. There are nourishing anti-oxidants to help keep your lashes looking beautiful and healthy, even when you’re not coating them with one of the three shades of rich color (Black, Carbon Black and Black/Brown).  The product is also Ophthalmologist and dermatologist-tested, and safe for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.  Heathy, indeed!  But Neutrogena didn’t skimp on making a beautiful mascara, it can compete with the best of them, when it comes to “drugstore” brands.

Picture 14 (1)Finally, Neutrogena’s Moisture Smooth color sticks round out this sampling. They are just $8.49 (Srp.) and are an amazing find for Wintertime,  because they combine the moisturizing qualities of a lip balm with the color of a beautiful lipstick. This two-in-one looks like a crayon, which only makes it more fun to apply. Simply swipe over lips and that’s it. You don’t even need a sharpener for this crayon. The silver bottom twists to move the color stick up and down. It’s easy to apply and gives a light color so over-application is difficult to manage (though still possible!). The colors all have fruit names—Plum Perfect, Sweet Watermelon, etc.—and light fruity scents to match.  The Advice Sisters love them because they’re portable, and fit into any makeup bag. Color Sticks won’t raise any eyebrows at the TSA, either.

All of Neutrogena’s products are easy to use, cheap, and look light, fresh and pretty. Neutrogena cosmetics aren’t as bold as, say, Mac, but if you’re looking for a dewy, fresh look, they’re absolutely perfect.  You can find Neutrogena products in your favorite drugstore, supermarket or mass market retailer, or for more information visit:

*the above report was submitted by the Advice Sisters reporter, Katie Rice,  writer who works in eBook publishing, marketing and PR during  the week and spends her weekends writing !

rapid wrinkle repair*editor’s note:  We also tried the new, Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Repair Moisturizer(Night) $20.99 Srp.  1 fl. oz. with accelerated Retinol SA  that is supposed to provide visible results in just one week. Accelerated Retinol, we were told (at at Good Housekeeping event where editors received a bottle of the product to sample) contains the highest concentration of Neutrogena’s Retinol SA with glucose complex, and exclusive booster that  delivers pure stabilized retinol into the skin’s surface leaving skin feeling smooth and younger looking.  There is also hyaluronic acid in this product, which helps to hydrate, replenish and rejuvenate the look of skin. Neutrogena claims it is so effective, in their tests 100% of women had noticeable results in just one week.

So we smoothed it on and wondered.   But we didn’t have to wait long. Although this editor (Alison Blackman) uses prescription products and didn’t use the Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Repair Night Moisturizer regularly, there really was an immediate different after the first night, and every time I used it thereafter. With continued and consistent use,  it would be reasonable to expect great results.  And the price point is insanely inexpensive, especially when compared to other anti-aging moisturizers. This is a real find.

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