Three Luxe Skincare Products, and one of the Most Glamorous Lipsticks on the Market

What does luxury mean to you? For some, it’s private jets and limos, for others, it’s the “little things” that make life just a bit nicer.  In this review, I’m suggesting the latter.  For your consideration is one of the most glamorous lipstick collections I’ve seen in a very long time, thanks to Dolce & Gabbana, and three, high end skincare items from Pevonia Botanica, Kate Somerville, and ReVive.  While these are pricey, they hardly cost the same as a private jet or limo!  They’re “little luxuries” that you might be able to squeeze into your budget to make a difference in how you look, and feel.  When you feel glamorous and pampered, it shows! 

Your practical,  inner voice might be asking why you’d spend more money for a lipstick or a skin care item, when you can get products for lips and skin in the drugstore or your favorite mass market retailer.  I didn’t pull these four products out of thin air because they’re merely “good” products.  In a practical way, all of these products perform. They are exceptional, with the kind  “wow!” factor everyone should experience now and then.

Read on and discover what money can buy!


Pevonia Myoxy-Caviar® Timeless Eye Contour ($163.50 1 fl. oz.) is a very good, although pricey, potion, that purports to visibly erase the signs of time.  Although nothing can make you look 20 when you’re decades older, this product has a potent repairing formula that includes:Hesperidin; Palmitoyl Tetrapeptides-3; Marine Collagen Polypeptides; Caviar Extract; and Escutox® (Hibiscus Esculentus Blend) to decrease wrinkles and reduce puffiness while decongesting and smoothing the delicate eye zone.  This anti-aging powerhouse is good for all skin types, and is natural and organic, and paraben-free.  The formula feels silky and smooth, but not greasy.  Use morning or evening by applying a small amount on a clean face, using  gentle tapping movements (don’t get it into your inner eyes).  As with many of these products, you have to use them properly, regularly, and for a long enough period of time that real results, occur. But if you’re patient, the result can be a softer, brighter and more youthful  eye area.  I didn’t use it long enough to claim that it’s a veritable fountain of youth, but it has plenty in it to make it worth your attention. Plastic surgery costs a lot more, so try the easier, less invasive alternatives, first. This is a good one! Visit to learn more.

When I think of Dolce & Gabbana, I think first of couture fashion, then of fragrance. But D&G have a very luxurious, very exciting line of makeup items, as well.  Something new and “dramatic” are lipsticks, inspired by Italian actress and fashion model Monica Belluci. These are not ordinary lipsticks, and they are fairly pricey at $32.00 each, but they’re unbelievable!  These highly pigmented lipsticks are so coveted, due to high demand, customers online at cannot order more than 6 pieces every 30 days!   You just can’t discount the “wow!! factor, from the shiny, gold, outer cartons, to the shiny gold compacts with “Monica” carelessly scribbed in red enamel on the side, to the intense-ly tinted lipstick bullets with “D&G” engraved into them.

This is a look at the entire collection, thanks to a makeup & beauty blog. The lipsticks are, as follows:  Italian Monica 160, Attractive Monica 140, Magnetic Monica 120, Chic Monica 100, Only Monica 80 and Natural Monica 60


As you can see from the photo, the colors are glamorous but wearable pinks, reds, and berries.  There’s a comforting, waxy /rose fragrance that smells, luxe, expensive, and classic.  The colors are all bright and bold, but I defy you not to feel like a movie star wearing one of these (e.g. the tomato red “Attractive Monica”  140). .  It’s an instant pick-me-up for your look, your face, and your mood!  Check out this cute video showcasing the Dolce & Gabbana Monica Lipstick Collection!

The new Dolce & Gabbana Monica Collection Lipsticks are exclusively at Saks Fifth Avenue stores and online at scent




Moisturizing Renewal Cream by ReVive ($175.00 2.0 fl. oz.) arrives in a shiny, green, white and grey box, packed into a simple, frosted glass jar with silver top. It’s really not very impressive to look at, but when you start to read what’s in this pricey cream, you can’t help but think: will this really help me look younger? While there’s no such thing as a true fountain of youth, this night cream has powerful, anti-aging product ingredients including antioxidants, RES, and Glycolic Acid. EGF [Epidermal Growth Factor] is called the “youth molecule.” It is a bioengineered protein that dramatically increases skin cell renewal. Glycolic Acid is an organic acid that removes the dead outer layer of skin, allowing new, revitalized cells to rise to the surface.With all the good-for-your-skin ingredients in this cream, you might think it will be heavy or greasy, but amazingly, it just sinks into your skin, and while you sleep, gently exfoliates, retextures, renews and moisturizes while it helps to diminish fine lines. You can feel the hydration and softness, immediately, but those who used it regularly for a while, gushed online about how their skin looked and felt in the morning with words like: “fresher, glowing, dew-y and youthful. er, glowing, more beautiful skin. Words like “glowing” and “dewey” and of course, “youthful” flow through the reviews, online.  You can even use it on the back of your hands, to help keep your age, a secret! Maybe it’s not in everyone’s budget, but if  it is in yours, and your skin is normal to oily, you ought to consider this high powered, anti-aging night cream.  It certainly has caused a stir in certain circles, and is one to covet. Visit your favorite high-end department store web site, or

Kate Somerville Daily Deflector  Broad Spectrum SPF 20 Anti-Aging Sunscreen ($48.00 1.7 fl. oz.) is yet another effective, luxurious way to moisturize your skin, protect it from the sun’s damaging rays with SPF 20, and nourish it with anti-aging benefits. A cutting-edge delivery system in this product ensures that the sunscreen stays in a reservoir on the surface of the skin (where it is most effective), but the advanced actives penetrate deeply, to produce the best results. You get all this, and natural extracts with immediate tightening effects that also have light-diffusing ingredients to make your complexion immediately look better. This sunscreen arrives in a pristine white box with silver metallic accents, and inside there’s a brushed silver pump tube with shiny silver pump top, perfect for travel or tote. What you can’t see is that inside the tube is a unique “reservoir” system, that keeps key ingredients separated. This keeps them where they need to be to work best: sunscreen on the surface and actives underneath. This sunscreen also has Matrixyl 3000 to help reduce the visible depth and volume of wrinkles on the face (caused by the contraction of muscles), especially on the forehead area and around the eyes, and a naturally-derived Shitake Mushroom-based skin tightener that works as you smooth it on, to put the kibosh on the look of sagging skin, and gradually strengthen the skin’s connective tissue. The rich cream leaves a bit of a sheen on your skin, along with a light fruity floral scent, Actives are: Octinoxiate (7.5%); Avobenzone (3%) and Oxybenzone (4%). This is best used as a daily product, not when you’re swimming or perspiring heavily. But for daily use, it’s dandy! Visit and get the same, celebrity treatment you’d find at Kate Somerville in Hollywood, California.

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