Time to Fall for Thymes Lotus Santal

The Advice Sisters have quite often reviewed The Thymes (now simply called “Thymes”) beautifully scented, botanically-based, paraben-free, bath and body products. The scents are lovely and the spa-quality packaging and products really pamper, but are easy on the wallet. New and sophisticated for Fall from the Thymes Fragrance Studio is Lotus Santal.  For everyone who is a fan of sensual but soft fragrances, this one is going to wow you!

Thymes Fragrance Studio features fragrances that are created from notes built around a core characteristic from one of seven  dominant fragrance families: Citrus, Green, Floral, Aromatic, Oriental, Gourmand or Woody.  Interestingly, I personally feel that Lotus Santal, the scent I tried, has a lot of notes that are representative of a number of these families, meaning it’s complex and exciting. I’m guessing, however, that “Woody” would be the best representation if you had to categorize it. It is a lovely fragrance, especially as the weather is getting cooler and those fruity florals just don’t seem quite “right.”

Thymes describes Lotus Santal as an :”invigorating, fresh fragrance infused with robust, earthy notes, the core fragrance is accented by Floral and Woody sub-families, lending classically feminine, delicate aromas to the scent as well as warm, woody notes of rich exotic woods like patchouli and sandalwood. ” More specifically, the notes are: cocoa orchid, Red lotus, Plum wood, Patchouli, Clove, Amber and Sandalwood. These notes can often make a fragrance feel very heavy but Lotus Santal is softly spicy with vanilla-y woodsy notes that make it pleasing, not overwhelming. You almost want to “drink” in the scent, as if it was a gourmand. It’s sensual, but still appropriate for day-wear. Products in The Fragrance Studio start at just $5.00 for a little envelope of bath salts (sure to be a very nice stocking stuffer) to $32.00 for a sink set of hand cleanser and hand lotion.

Speaking of which, if you love Lotus Santal, or any of the other fragrances Thymes has to offer, you can find it in a lot of different forms:

• Hand Cream: An ultra-conditioning cream enriched with nourishing shea butter and silky safflower and sunflower oils, as well as antioxidant-rich vitamin E and purifying turmeric.

• Body Wash: Developed with humectant glycerin, this soothing body wash conditions skin while delivering a deep clean.

• Body Lotion: A rich blend of shea butter, squalane and glycerin, this lotion moisturizes and replenishes even the driest skin.

• Bubble Bath: Formulated with hydrating glycerin, this lavish bubble bath gently nourishes you from head to toe.

• Bath Salts: All-natural Epsom salts are combined with sea salts to condition and hydrate skin.

• Bar Soap: An all-vegetable, triple-milled soap that is delicately scented with the addictive Lotus Santal fragrance.

• Cologne: Experience instant calm and clarity with a spritz of this enticing scent that envelopes you with zesty notes of clove bud, sumptuous amber and sandalwood and heady cocoa orchid and red lotus.

• Poured Candle: Let the sensually soothing notes of cocoa orchid, red lotus, clove and amber linger throughout your home with this scented candle. Filling every room with a peaceful ambiance, it burns for up to 60 hours.

• Hand Wash: Treat your hands to this ultra-moisturizing formula, enriched with glycerin to keep hands happy and hydrated wash after wash. • Hand Lotion: Hands feel velvety soft to the touch after applying this restorative lotion, which contains shea butter, squalane, vitamin E and glycerin to keep skin supple.

• Home Fragrance Mist: Refresh your home with the sultry scents of cocoa orchid and red lotus, addictive plum wood, patchouli and clove, as well as lush amber and sandalwood.

I only personally tried one product, the Lotus Santal Body Lotion ($25.00 9.25 fl. oz.), The outer packaging features a fancy cardboard box in beige and rust, embossed with an intricate “floriental” design. The inner plastic bottle with flip-top cap (recyclable() is an eggshell, with the same floriental design in grey and rust, It really looks elegant. The lotion is rich, but absorbs very quickly, leaving silkened, fragranced skin. The scent in this is generous…it lasts. If you don’t want a very heavy fragrance this body lotion may be all you need to enjoy a subtle scent, all day long. The product is also enriched with hydrating shea butter, softening squalene, and humectant glycerin, that keeps dry skin moisturized. It is also paraben free.  I am sure that the other items are just as lovely.

Thymes products are perfect for the holidays. Maybe it’s a bit too early to be thinking about that, but before you know it, they’ll be here.  I always like to do my holiday shopping early, wrap my gifts, tag them for the right person, and put them away. Then, when everyone else is running around like a proverbial chicken without a head, waiting on lines and dealing with packages, I can relax, light a (Thymes) candle, and savor the holiday feeling without any pressure.


For a complete list of Thymes retailers, or to order products, visit www.thymes.com or call 1-800-366-4071.

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