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Editor’s Note:  There is wisdom in the practice of lightening up your skincare products and routine in the Summer, but there are some things you really can’t skimp on, such as additional SPF protection, and additional hydration for  face and body.  Bathing in the sun, frolicking in the sand and waves, and just being outdoors more can dry out your skin and accelerate the aging process, too.  Writer Katie Rice tried a few tempting treats that work well all year round to prevent and protect, but we think these from Fleur’s, Caldrea and Pevonia Botanica, are particularly suited to provide pampering for face and body in the warmer months.

Here’s her report:


Treat Yourself With These Three Luxurious Body Care Lines: Caldrea, Fleur and Pevonia


CEC_Glam_KitchenAssort_large CEC_Glam_AM_OB_ML_largeCEC_Glam_Bath_GH_ML_large Caldrea is already known and beloved for their home cleaning products. But now you can add “body care” since the launch of their Spring 2014 “Caldrea Essential Collection” of body care products. Their launch consists of only five products in three scents, but, in my opinion, they made the right choice by keeping it simple. The five products—body lotion, body wash, exfoliating scrub, body oil and hand balm—are all made with plant-derived ingredients and organic botanical extracts and are free from parabens, phthalates and sulfates. I tried the body lotion, body oil and body wash in all of the scents. The body wash comes in a squeeze tube and works into a great lather. The body oil comes with a twist off cap but the top only has a very small opening so you don’t run into the problem of pouring out too much. The body lotion  has a pump top and is substantial but dries quickly. As for the scents, I wouldn’t be able to pick a favorite. The “mango lily” is bright and clean, a little flowery and girly, the “apple mint” is clean and snappy, perfect for waking yourself up in the morning shower and the “ginger honey” is a little spicy and sexy with an undertone of honey sweetness. I like the “ginger honey” for going out at night and the “mango lily” and “apple mint” for waking up. Expect the same level of quality as their home care products and the same reasonable prices. (Body Lotion 11.5oz, $9.99, Body Oil 4oz, $9.99, Body Wash 8oz, $9.99)  For more information visit the Caldrea Web Site

400190R-2Looking for something totally luxurious as a treat to yourself? Fleur’s has a gentle face cream and face mask that are perfect. They both profess to soothe red and irritated skin and to soften and nourish. The cream is for twice daily use and relies on a “floral bouquet” of flower extracts that soften, provide anti-oxidants and relieve irritation, allantoin, a chemical compound that is also used to soothe wounds and scars, hazelnut oil to prevent dehydration, shea butter for moisture, and green pearly shimmer to work against redness and create luminous skin. The mask is also made with the “floral bouquet” of blue ageratum extract, elderberry extract, cistus flower extract and lotus flower extract all to help reduce irritation and soothe tired skin. Unlike the cream, the mask is only for use once or twice a week. Fleur’s products are inspired by the “beauty and power of the floral universe” and their focus is giving a “true spa experience.”  Fleur’s is all about botanicals and their products feature a long list of floral active ingredients. I would suggest Fleur’s for a luxurious spa experience at home, but whether or not the products will make a change in your skin, really depends a lot upon your skin.  (Gentle Mask, 50ml $41.50, Gentle Cream 50ml $82.50)  For more information Visit the Fleur’s Web Site 



pevonia phyto aromatic mist

Another company with a bunch of spa lines is Pevonia Botanica .  I tried two products from Ligne Tropicale,  an anti-aging line which from my perspective helped my skin look younger for the short term, but not long term.  I tried the mango-passion fruit and papaya-pineapple scents of Ligne Tropicale De-Aging Mango Passion Fruit Mist 200ml/6.8oz  ($33.00)  that rehydratee and moisturize skin, in a spray mist. The mist is packaged in a handy spray bottle, and it goes on lightly, almost like Evian spray, leaving behind what feels like a light lotion. Pevonia Botanica recommends them for post-workout but I liked to use mine in the morning on my chest and neck—it made me feel instantly awake and more beautiful. The mists brighten up the skin and leave you with a very lightly tropical scent. Nothing wrong with smelling like fresh fruit in the morning! And not to worry, the scent is as light as the mist, so after an hour or so it leaves, leaving only a lingering sweetness. Like Fleur’s, Pevonia Botanica focuses more on a spa treatment level of care with beautiful scents and gorgeous bottles, but I didn’t see long terms effects on my skin. *Editor’s Note:  I personally reviewed this product a couple of years ago and thought it was refreshing and had enough skin loving ingredients to be a plus — and that’s what makes reviews subjective but honest.  There are also other good anti-aging products in this line, For Summer,  I also really like Pevonia Botanica Ligne Soleil SPF 30 ($42.00 5 fl. oz.) . for more information visit the Pevonia Botanica web site  

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