Two Cool Beauty Products For Nails & Lips Packaged in Pens @LAQAandCO , @MiracleSkin

penPens are made to write things with, everyone know that, but pens are also a means to dispense beauty product, and increasingly, we love them because they’re portable, and fun to use.  If you put a product into a pen, you can pop it into a purse or pocket, and take it with you.  Well, that’s obvious. but increasingly, beauty products are being put into pen-style containers.  Here are two very different products, one for nails, one for lips, but we  think they both make unique statements.  Valentine’s day is coming up and we think either or both of these would make a fun little “I think you’re fab” gift for your BFFs.

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We reviewed the Lil’ Lip Kit  ($16.00) from LAQA & Co last October and thought it was adorable. LAQA & Co. is a New York based cosmetic brand that’s about more than just beauty, offering unique packaging that are little pieces of art created by young artists looking to get their work seen by lots and lots of people. And the Artists get a cut of the profit from every product purchased.

Nail polish is a means of personal expression, but it’s even more so when the nail polish itself is a little work of art. We were excited to see that LAQA & Co. Nail Polish Pens ($14.00) are wrapped in artists boxes with unique colors to coordinate with the nail polish colors within the boxes. You can see from the photos above, just how unique each of these really are.  And when you remove the polish pen from the box, you have a portable nail polish color that you can take with you for touch-ups.  Clever, cute, and the polish look great and really lasts, too!   Get these at:


Sara MacNamara’s Miracle Skin Transformer Lip Rewind ($28.00) is a luxurious click it pen that applies an anti-oxidant rich lip treatment to your lips, giving them a hint of tint and plenty of moisture to get them through those dry days of Winter and way beyond.miracle lipo transfomrer lip rewind  This isn’t just a regular lip gloss or a lip balm, it’s really a serum -infused balm/gloss that has a unique “ M3 Complex”   with rose moss and powerful peptides combine to infuse lips with double the amount of hyaluronic acid, which boosts collagen and eliminates fine lines. When you apply the product you get an immediate, tingly, cooling sensation from menthol and peppermint oils that lasts for a while, but it’s pleasant, not obnoxious. Meanwhile, your lips are drinking in hydration thanks to pomegranate and shea butters, and soothing coconut oil.  Advanced peptides deliver filling spheres to boost collagen to plump your pout, and as a bonus, help to reduce those fine lines that your lipstick tends to run into.  There is also SPF 20 sun protection (because the sun’s rays shine on your all year long) and there’s good for your skin Vitamin E, too.   But if you are spending close to $30.00 for a lip gloss/balm/serum you also want your lips to get something else — and this product delivers it — shiny, semi-sheer color with a gel texture availalable in five shades: Translucent, Pink, Coral, LOVE and Berry.  There are no parabens, sulfates, phthalates in these products, and  $5.00 from the sale of each Lip Rewind in the limited edition shade –LOVE will be donated to support the  Children’s Action Network’s efforts to find love families for waiting foster children.  That’s another reason to buy this now and give it to your BFFs for Valentine’s Day.  Products are available at Nordstrom and

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