Pureology & Garnier Get “Greener” Plus: 2 New Hair Color Formulas

new vs old Pureology bottles

You might think that shampoo and conditioner are just the same old, same old, but companies are beginning to see “green” with more natural formulas and more environmentally friendly packaging.  Two brands have recently launched “new & improved” packaging: Pureology and Garnier.  Regardless of price, “Green” is the way to go!  (FYI:  Earth Day 2012 is April 22nd).
One brand that is a personal favorite of mine is Pureology.  Their products have always had natura; (and vegan) ingredients and were eco-friendly. But now the company has ditched their iconic, slim-necked Pureology bottles  to  reduce their environmental impact. These new, Zero Waste Shampoo and HairConditioner bottles are 100% recyclable and contain 50% post consumer recycled HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) , a popular recyclable plastic. The design has a wider neck and flip top that helps you get every bit of the product out of the bottle.  As much as I loved the old,  slim-necked Pureology bottles, it was challenging to get product out of them when you were getting towards the bottom.  More than once I had to smack my shampoo or conditioner bottle against the wall to dispense the product.  That won’t be a problem anymore!  The new, flat top flip tops also sit nicely and solidly on your sink or shower.
Pureology is also reducing the amount of cardboard they use , and they are using Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified cardboard boxes made from 100% recycled fibers. The hair care product boxes also have tips on how consumers can conserve water. Since “green” begins at home, Pureology also has implemented impressive ways to reduce water and energy at their own plant.  To quantify the success of their efforts, Pureology commissioned Five Winds International (a sustainability management consulting firm) to conduct a life cycle assessment.  Overall, the results demonstrated that the improvement Pureology made to the very popular Hydrate Shampoo and Conditioner rsulted in less energy and water use by 33% and 37% .  And, by the way the assessment also showed that the greatest environmental impact involved the volume of water consumers used while shampooing and conditioning their hair in the shower. 99% of the water used during the lifetime of a bottle of  Pureology’s Hydrate Shanmpoo and Conditioner occureed during that time.  Pureology cares about hair care, but they also care about the environment. You should, too! Support Pureology’s efforts with your own!  Pureology’s Hydrate line costs approximately $27.00 8.5 fl. oz depending upon where you get it.  Please purchase Pureology products only in authorized salons.  Yan find salons close to you (and learn more about the products) on Pureology’s web site.
Here are some tips from Pureology, to conserve water:
limit your time in the shower, don’t linger longer than you have to even if you don’t want to get out, dry off and face the day!
run only full loads in washing machines, choosing an energy efficient model
fix leaky faucets and toilets (a small leak from a faucet can waste up to 50 gallons of water daily, and a leaky toilet can waste a whopping 260 gallons a day)!
install high efficiency faucets and toilets. Adding low flow attachments to your existing faucets can save 70% of the water you use when washing your hair!

Another company that cares about the environment and is going greener, is Garnier.  They have the distinction of being the first haircare brand at the mass market level to re-do their entire line of shampoos and conditioners.  The bottles are newly designed in PET (Polyethylene terephthalate), one of the most widely recycled plastics in the United States.  The bottles contain 30-50% post consumer recycled plastic (it proudly says so on the back as it reminds consumer to remove the flip top, and recycle).  These bottles also use 10% less plastic than the previous bottles and they are 10% lighter which also helps to reduce the amount of materials used by 166 tons a year. Garnier also recycles or re-uses 91% of their waste, and all Garnier Fructis shampoo and conditioner bottles are also recyclable by consumer.  The paper pulp used for all Garnier skincare and hair color packs are made from FSC-certified wood and Garnier World bags are made out of bamboo and are 100% recyclable.  This year, Garnier is also continuing its’ consumer education program with it’s “TerraCycle” partnership.  The company is adding waste reduction tips on the backs of the bottles, with an invitation to consumers to join a “beauty brigade” or packaging collection drive.
And the new, Garnier Fructis is also adding a new breakthrough conditioner technology to their hair care products.  The new conditioning formula is an opaque gel that stays on each hair strand longer to deliver deeper conditioning but it rinses off cleaner without leaving any residue.  The new technology is incorporated into the conditioners of two top sellers:  Triple Nutrition and Sleek and Shine.  Both also now have fresh fragrances called: “sparkling fruit notes.”  The new packaging and the new Garnier products are now available at mass market retailers and drug stores for a budget-friendly $3.99 each generously sized 13 oz. bottle. Get more information about Garnier hair and skin products on the Garnier web site. The wide range of Garnier Fructis collections include: Daily Care (for daily cleansing); Sleek & Shine (a frizz-fighting formula tames for 3 days even in 97% humidity); Triple Nutrition (to nourish hair and add shine); Color Shield (to keep color vibrant and hair soft for 45 washes); Pure Clean (a 92%  biodegradable formula for healthy hair); Length & Strength (helps hair grow longer and stronger); Body Boost (for up to 70% more body that lasts all day); and Anti-Dandruff (to fight flakes for 48 hours with natural extracts and B-Vitamins). This is a budget-friendly line with effective, easy to use, pampering products and they’re all worth a try.
…while we’re on the topic of hair and Garnier, it’s a good time to mention that Garnier has also recently introduced Garnier Nutrisse Nourishing Color Foam ($8.99) that nourishes while it offers permanent color.  I leave my hair in the expert hands of colorist David Stanko, but for those who color their hair at home, it makes sense that the foam formula (with nourishing avocado, olive and shea) would be cleaner and easier to use. You massage it into your hair just like a shampoo, without dripping or oozing, thanks to a thick foam dispensed from a pump top.   This new formula is available in 18 colors from blonde to black (and everything in-between).   The company claims that the color will last up to 8 week (use the Garnier Fructis Color Shield Shampoo & Conditioner) and offers even coverage with 100% coverage of gray.  It sounds like a good deal for affordable, healthy, user-friendly color. Get Nutrisse and Fructis and all the Garnier products in mass market retailers and drug stores nationwide.
You can also get more information about all their hair and skin products on the Garnier web site.


hair color by David Stanko & Redken Chromatics. Makeup by Elizabeth Arden on the Red Door Bus #NYFW


NEWS!  A great new in-salon hair color from Redken called Chromatics. They’ve recently introduced this hair color that features no ammonia, has no odor, and provides up to 100% coverage.  The benefits do more than beautify:  the product fortifies and makes hair conditioned and shiny.  Chromatics prismatic permanent haircolor uses ODS² (Oil Delivery System) + Protein Extract Technology, a breakthrough new salon color technology exclusive to Redken.  The way it works is that hair is enveloped in a layer of protective oil, while long-lasting color dyes and protein extracts are propelled remove deep into every strand.  David Stanko, my colorist, and a color consultant for Redken tried it on me the last time I went to visit him a the Angelo David Salon in Manhattan.  “So many of my clients stick to a strict 4-6 week schedule for coloring their hair.  With the new Chromatics, they’re fortifying their hair with every visit,” David said. “Chromatics is great for providing 100% gray coverage, conditioned high-shine color and rich even results from root to tip.”  As you can see, the results are pretty great.  My experience with Chromatics was very pleasant, especially the fact that my hair didn’t seem like chemicals after being colored, and so far (weeks later) the color still looks vibrant.  While my hair is in good shape (thanks to David and great hair products), if Chromatics actually fortifies the cuticle for two times less breakage, I’m all for it!  To locate a Redken salon please log on to redken.com.  Please note, Redken products can only be guaranteed authentic when purchased from a salon.  http://www.redken.com

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