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Sometimes we just get a hint that there are nifty things, and we learn about them at the last minute. It might be nearly too late to get these for Christmas day, but that doesn’t mean you can’t order them now and enjoy them in the days that follow.  So I’m doing a quick and dirty “gift guide” of two before I leave for Paris tomorrow.  Just between us, after giving up a longed-for vacation to Tuscany to spend a week cleaning out my Mother in Law’s home for a move to New York, and getting a washer and dryer for the holidays last year (“but I had in installed as a surprise, my husband insisted as I pouted), this year he presented me with tickets to the City of Lights. I have a new set of Lipault luggage ready to go (and I’ll be writing all about my travels with this French luggage that I truly love, in the coming months as these bags are going to be my new best travel companions).  But I just can’t leave without telling you about the Baked Stackable Macaroons by Laura Geller (no, they’re not for eating but they are deliciously beautiful), and Perfect Formula’s set of 5 Mini Ornaments that might serve as stocking stuffers, or little thank-you gifts year-round.  And WHile I’m at it, I want to wish you the happiest of holidays!    (Alison Blackman, Editor-in-Chief, The Advice Sisters)


pink gel coat formula perfect formulaPerfect Formula has a well curated collection of nail protection products. The founder of Perfect Formula products,  Shari Gottesman was the owner of one of the largest nail polish manufacturers in the world, but I guess she realized there is always room for a “better mousetrap,” so she created Perfect Solutions for her own personal nail problems. We get the benefits!,  Perfect formula has a product that I really like, because it’s for anyone who loves nail polish but doesn’t have the time or inclination to re-do so often.  Their luxurious and effective products are coveted by nail aficionados.  One product I really like is the Pink Gel Coat.  It’s a nearly clear polish that creates a thick, protein-rich coating to add temporary, instant strength to natural nails.  If your nails are dull and dry, it’s almost like a pick-me-up beautifier, too, that gives them shine and a tiny bit of “blush” almost like a nail “lip gloss.”  But this special collection of Perfect Formula Pink Gel Coat Set of 5 Mini Ornaments ($33.00), packaged for the holidays, from QVC, has five 0.17-fl oz mini Pink Gel Coat bottles wrapped up in festive pink and silver boxes that can hang as ornaments. You can give all five in a nicely boxed set, or split them up and use them as five little thank-yous.

In my case, I’m keeping them and using them for travel, one at a time. A little gift to myself!  The little bottle is just the perfect size to put into that heinous quart bag when you’re going on an airplane and taking carry-on luggage, and since the polish is nearly clear, you won’t see chips or cracks, but your nails will look “done” while you’re away.  And you’ll be protecting them as well.  The product is good for all nail types.  It contains keratin, the main protein of the nail. It adds temporary, instant strength and temporary, instant, measurable thickness to nails. It also creates a protective barrier to help nails avoid contact with water and other agents that might dry them out.  Just apply one coat of Pink Gel Coat and let dry. If desired, apply an additional coat. Remove once weekly with any nail polish remover. No soaking necessary.  Get yours at and get more information and products from Perfect Formula at




laura geller baked stackable macaroons


When I go to Paris, I am sure to break my diet and go to La Maison Ladurée , the indisputable creme de la creme of bakeries selling jewel-like macaroons.  But makeup Queen Laura Geller has crafted a clever jewel box of makeup “Macaroons” of her own for QVC.  Her Baked Stackable Macaroons Set ($59.50)  is an assortment of Baked confections blush, highlighter, and eye shadow .  These gorgeous products actually begin as  liquid pigment that are baked on terra-cotta tiles for 24 hours and finished by hand in Italy. The result is a silky wash of long-wearing color that illuminates the skin.  In addition, the products have good for your skin antioxidants such as centella asiatica and white tea extracts.

The Advice Sisters have always like Laura Geller’s baked products because the swirls of color can be worn as a wash, or layered for more intensity, and they look natural, and beautiful. You just can’t make a mistake applying them, and they look universally flattering.  Another thing I like about these (and I guess it is also because I have travel on the brain),  is that these are mini-sized, so you can take a bunch, and not weigh down your suitcase.
The set includes boxed trios within a box of:

    • 0.06-oz Baked Brulee Blush in Gingerbread
    • 0.06-oz Baked Brulee Blush in Lychee Rose
    • 0.06-oz Baked Brulee Blush in Cassis Violet
    • 0.06-oz Baked Brulee Highlighter in Honey Lavender
    • 0.06-oz Baked Brulee Highlighter in Toasted Coconut
    • 0.06-oz Baked Brulee Highlighter in Dulce de Leche
    • 0.06-oz Baked Brulee Eyeshadow in Orange Blossom
    • 0.06-oz Baked Brulee Eyeshadow in Mocha Latte
    • 0.06-oz Baked Brulee Eyeshadow in Chestnut

Get yours exclusively at  and you can find Laura Geller’s full sized goodies at and Ulta Stores


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