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 Citadel Laferriere, Haiti

Citadel Laferriere, Haiti



A “Citadel” is a fortress that protects a town, derived from the same Latin root as the word “City.”  So fitting that there is also a vetiver-centric fragrance called “Citadelle” from a unique company called Nmad Two Worlds.

Citadelle is not your same old same old vetiver scent. It’s fresh but also very clean smelling, so you can wear it anywhere, and any season, even if you were a true nomad” and traveled the world, it would be a nice scent to tuck into your suitcase or tote for nearly every occasion. Created in collaboration with Master Perfumer Harry Fremont of  Firmenich,  CITADELLE represents strength and resilience and celebrates the spirit of the Haitian people.  It is a pure, classic, fresh, pleasing citrus that features premium Haitian vetiver, marigold, pear, bergamot, lemon, spices, amberwood, musk and cedarwood.  And the notes of spices, amberwood, musk and cedarwood make it less fruity/floral and more unisex, so you can share it with someone else.    It is also affordable at $35.00 and nicely packaged as a travel-friendly roller-ball.

But that’s just the beginning of the story.  Nomad Two Worlds also offers another vetiver-centric fragrance, Bijou Vert, in their Nomad Two Worlds “Raw Spirit” line, a collection of socially conscious fragrances made in partnership with renowned fragrance house Firmenich. Actually, there are four fragrances to date, with  more in the works. Part of the proceeds will be used to support sustainable Haitian agricultural projects. I preferred Bijou Vert, a  spicer, vetiver scent, with  Haitian vetiver, grapefruit, mandarin, geranium, lotus flower, black pepper, benzoin, patchouli and cedarwood. But fragrance is highly subjective. You’ll find the one you like best, and enjoy it!

The third fragrance, “Wild Fire” is sourced from premium wild harvested sandalwood from Australia, with part proceeds used to support sustainable Australian Indigenous agricultural projects. This is also softly exotic and very pleasing. This will make a lovely Springtime addition to your scent collection.

The last and most recent fragrance “Desert Blush,” was just launched. It’s soft and feminine, with notes of sandalwood and a hint of the unique floral note of Australian Boronia.


$35.00 CITADELLE Eau de Parfum Rollerball fragrance 7.5ML / .25 FL OZ


Nomad Two Worlds began as a steeply messaged artistic collaboration project between internationally renowned Australian photographer Russell James and Australian Indigenous artists. It has since expanded into additional cultural collaborations worldwide and evolved into a socially responsible global business whose mission is to collaborate with Indigenous artists, and artisans from marginalized communities, to create culturally relevant contemporary art and “meaningful luxury” consumer products that provide long-term economic benefit to the artists and further the public’s understanding and appreciation of the world’s most threatened cultures and communities. The “Raw Spirit” lines of fragrances are produced through World Senses Pty, the joint venture formed in2012 between Nomad Two Worlds and Australia-based Atlas Pearls and Perfumes.   For more information, and to shop the entire collection and learn more, visit (www.NomadTwoWorlds.com).


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