Wear This Fragance and Your Diary May Have Many More Romantic Entries In It!

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If a big beauty company creates yet another fragrance, it is huge news, but when an individual creates a fragrance, it’s risky business. This is a true leap of faith and a labor of   love.

When We Kiss by Scent With Love Fragrances  is such a fragrance.  And if you buy it and wear it, your diary might end up with many more romantic entries!

Recently I sat down with Brooklyn entrepreneur Jane Peretzman-Levy to discuss her new fragrance called When We Kiss.  She sends it with love to romantics everywhere, and it is definitely, a scent, with love.  This  2 oz. Eau de parfum naturel is unique in many ways.


I’m holding off on telling you about the fragrance and the notes for a moment though, because I think the packaging is so unique, it warrants the first comments. I could almost write an entire book on the packaging, because the fragrance arrives  literally in a book, or a facsimile of a diary, complete with faux lock, if you will.   Fragrance collectors are going to go bonkers when they see it!   A large company probably wouldn’t dare to package a fragrance like this, because it wouldn’t be cost effective to store and ship and handle mass quantities of fragrance in boxes like this.  As an indy company with a boutique brand, Jane has that option. The packaging for When We Kiss gives it more meaning than just being a simple bottle of scent. The re-useable box really does look like an old fashioned keepsake diary, complete with a place to unlock it’s secrets (didn’t we all have one of these when we were younger)?   Flip open the hard-sided box lid and there is a romantic poem  and at the very bottom, a list of the main top, heart and bottom notes (I’ll get to those in a moment).  On the other side,nestled nicely into a clear, cello cradle under which you can see a delicate rose and vine design and the words “when we kiss, is the bottle.  And it isn’t shabby, either  The substantial,  clear glass bottle with subtle beveling showcases a nearly clear golden juice. At the top, a simple golden diffuser is crowned with a clear plastic round ripped topper decorated with a “wedding band” of ribbed gold featuring six sparkling  little crystals in the middle.  The When We Kiss logo is screened in light rose onto the bottle.

I talked about the packaging first, because it is so unique, but what about the fragrance? After all, you’re not just buying a new fragrance to add to those you already own just for the intrinsic beauty of the packaging, unless you are a bottle and packaging collector.  The fragrance is feminine, and romantic.  The scent made me immediately think of  brides, weddings, new love, new beginnings, and getting in the mood to be romantic.

I always say in my reviews of fragrance that what I like doesn’t matter, because fragrance tastes are so subjective. Like advice, it’s key for me to look at the elements of a fragrance and report on it, taking my personal view out as much as possible. When We Kiss is a fruity floral with some sophistication at the base that makes it noteworthy.  And I’m getting personal here, because the creator deserves credit for realizing her vision and a job well done. My readers know that I’m a fan of spices and incense, and not really into  floral or fruity floral scents but I view this as a lovely warm weather feminine fragrance  that women of nearly every age can embrace, and if you are in love, or hope to be, or want to rekindle those feelings, a spritz of “When We Kiss” can make you want to pull out your lacy lingerie and enhance romance even if it’s just “Tuesday.”  Scent is a mood maker!

As to the actual fragrance notes, there are florals woven throughout.   The top notes include cyclamen, raspberry, melon and orange, with a heart of of bergamot, hedione, neroli and jasmine. The bottom notes have some sensual appeal including amber, patchouli, benzoin, tuberose and gardenia.

When We Kiss is new, and it is a perfect fit for bridal stores  and lingerie shops, and boutique. It retails for an affordable $75.00 and currently it is available at http://www.Scent-With-Love.com Zitomer: http://www.zitomer.com/, City Chemist Montague St, Brooklyn Heights,http://www.city-chemist.com/  and a few other places.  As the word gets out, I’m sure there will be even more places to get it. Youc can also visit the When We Kiss Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/ScentWithLoveFragrances

With Mother’s Day, Wedding Showers and Weddings coming up all over the place, now is the time to seek out When We Kiss — it’s the perfect gift idea.


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