What Battles Holiday Hair Killers? Moroccanoil’s Gorgeous Holiday Gift Set @moroccanoil

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The holiday season isn’t quite over yet, and by know, you’ve probably figured out that this season  season is a killer for your hair. It seems like everyday there is a new  party that you need to get all gussied up for—which inevitably means a new hairstyle. Whether it’s straightening, curling or a blow out, all of that heat on your already dry winter hair spells damage.  One of the products that beauties in the know reach for to combat styling overkill, is Moroccanoil. It is an argan oil product with a true fan base for its nourishing and rich products that helps to hydrate, strengthen and protect your hair.   If you already use Morocconoil, this is the perfect time to treat yourself (or someone special)  to the Moroccan Oil Holiday Styling Essentials Kit.

Moroccan Oil is named because the oil it uses in all of its amazing products is Argan oil, which comes from the Argan Tree, found only in Morocco. The trees live for 150 years or more, but only start producing the fruit from which the oil is made when they are about 50 years old. Because of its limited availability and the amazing things it does for moisturizing the hair and skin, Argan oil is very valuable.  The company was started after the founder, Carmen Tal, had a transformative experience in a salon in Israel. She became determined to bring the secret back to America with her—and we’ve all benefited from her belief in the power of the oil treatment!

The holiday styling essentials kit comes in a gorgeous white faux-leather case and includes Moroccanoil Treatment (1.7 FL.OZ. / 50 ml), Heat Styling Protection (8.5 OZ. / 250 ml), and Luminous Hairspray Strong (2.3 OZ. / 75 ml). All come in beautiful blue metal bottles that have a velvety feel with the exception of the oil which comes in a small glass bottle with a lid for pouring.  While you might not want to take these full sized bottles in this lovely white case traveling with you, it feels luxurious to know you could.  And if you have the room in your packing case you will. Otherwise, the set will look elegant at home, and you will have enough product to get you through the entire Winter, and maybe the Spring, as well.

Moroccan Oil LogoThe Moroccanoil treatment is about as thick as good maple syrup and has a beautiful rich scent—something between vanilla, clove and orange, with a hint of flowers. Just a small amount rubbed onto damp or dry hair before styling can make a huge difference in cutting down on frizz and fly-aways. If you plan on treating your hair with any sort of heat, I would recommend the Heat Styling Protection Spray. Simply spray onto your hair before you use your styling tools and you save your hair from heat damage and it comes out silky and smooth. It comes out a little heavier and wetter than a hairspray feels on the hair, but once you use your heat styling tool, the spray pretty much absorbs into the hair shaft and all that is left to notice is your shiny hair. The Luminous Hairspray is the final touch for the holiday look. It has a super strong hold but also adds serious shine to your look. It leaves hair with a little elasticity and doesn’t have that sticky feeling that traditional hairsprays can leave on the hair. It comes in an aerosol can, so you can’t travel with it, but it’s great for use at home.

moroccan-oil-product-line-590ls052710Though this set is perfect to buy for yourself, it also makes a beautiful gift. In its carrying case no gift-wrap is required. The other great thing about the set is that it will make a fabulous gift for a friend with beautiful ringlet curls or a friend with long slick hair—or your friend with the short pixie cut! Any type of hair benefits from smoothing Argan Oil. The set costs $62.00.  You can get Morocconoil products in tons of places,  but you can also find it online on the Morocconoil Web Site: http://www.moroccanoilproducts.com.  There are plenty of other products to choose from as well but if you want this (sure to sell out fast) holiday kit, more information can be found here:  http://www.moroccanoil.com/usa/h_us_en/holiday-styling-essentials


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