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When you find a brand that wows you, it’s a little bit like falling in love.

That’s how the Advice Sisters feel about Votre Vu. It’s a brand we have reviewed at least a dozen times (type “Votre Vu” into our search box on the top right hand side of the page). Trying their new products is always exciting.

Another thing I like about Votre Vu is that they have a list of all the ingredients if you wish to see what you’re putting on (or in) your body. The products have simple but attractive packaging. What’s inside is innovative and worth a little bit extra.  

Votre Vu’s French skin care is custom-blended in a family-owned laboratory just outside Paris. For more than 80 years, the founders of this lab have quietly researched the highest quality plant-based ingredients, passing this invaluable treasury of knowledge down through three generations. Our lab looks to the lush French regions where the finest and most potent ingredients are cultivated, then pairs the most complementary botanicals to create the most effective formulas.

As to skincare, Votre Vu has partnered with the world’s leading naturally based cosmetic formulators in the U.S. and Europe to custom-create their professional-grade color line. The colors are trendy but user-friendly and natural looking (I end up selecting them most often when I want my makeup to pamper me all day). However,  the company really focuses the most on skin care to pamper, soothe, enhance and provide anti-aging benefits. 

 This feature on why the Advice Sisters love Votre Vu, focuses on a little bit of skincare & color cosmetics, and some of my favorites:


votre vu tarte D'Amande

Votre Vu’s Tarte D’Amande Soufflé Body Creme ($39.00 3.38 fl. oz.) takes the “dull” out of moisturizing your skin.  This body moisturizer in a jar is deliciously scented with just the right amount of sensual almond and milk scent (to me it smells like an ice cream soda, but also pecan pie). But the main point of this silky, not-to-thick, easily absorbed body product is the Vitamins and tropical nut oils, rich with fatty acids (e.g. Macadamia Oil  Vital  Shea Butter  Coconut Oil ) . Wear it whenever you need to soothe dry skin and instead of fragrance on those days when you want a hint of scent to stay on your skin. It’s great for date night when someone is going to get close to you, and also at bed time not just to moisturize your skin but for attraction (use your imagination).

votre vu silk stockings

During World War II, women sacrificed their stockings for the war effort. To make the look of bare legs nicer, some women actually painted “seams” on the backs of their legs to emulate the stockings they no longer could buy.  While Votre Vu’s Silk Stockings ($34.00)  doesn’t seams on your legs, it can enhance to look of bare legs by giving them a glow that makes even dry and blotchy skin look silkier and smoother. Votre Vu calls it a “nourishing glow-tion.” I’d call it a temporary bronzer (it washes off easily but be sure to wash your hands after applying). The shimmery liquid looks really dark in the bottle, but it goes on sheer with just a hint of tint. comparing the leg I treated with the product I was sent for review, with the untreated leg, I could see a significant difference. The bit of color just smoothes out any freckles, dings, brown spots. It’s infused with vitamin E and extracts of calendula, linden, chamomile and Saint-John’s-wort – covers legs in a sheer veil of color, diffusing the appearance of tiny veins, scars and other imperfections. TIP:  this isn’t just for legs, you can use it on arms, or decollete or wherever you want to see a smoother skin with a glow to it! This is particularly great for women who are resisting the need for tights or pantyhose as long as the weather isn’t freezing, and it’s good for vacation.

votre vu tragic magicTragic Magic is a sad name for a great product. What Tragic Magic does is deal with hyper-reactive skin, to stabilize it.  Key ingredients include: Avocado Insaponifiables , Calophyllum Oil , Lime Extract and Rose Hips Oil plus Jojoba to protect and balance the sin, while Vitamin E packs a punch against free radicals. to use this fabulous cream, just apply a layer toyour face, neck and décolleté using light, circular motions until the product is completely absorbed — no magic and no tragedy, just better skin!


votre vu color cosmetics

these are some of The Advice Sisters’ favorite Votre Vu color cosmetics

Votre Vu Color Cosmetics: silvery packaging is elegant, but the colors as I mentioned above are really use friendly. The photo above shows some of the newest colors in some of Votre Vu’s favorite products:

Vu-On Rouge sheer moisture color accent for lips and face ($29.00) is a bit pricey, but it’s such a marvelous multi-tasker, it’s well worth it (especially for travel). I selected “Ma Cherry” which is  described as a: “classic cherry blue-red ). It looks red in the tube, but on my skin is is actually a deep rose. This super-blendable cheek/lip color looks rose on lips, really cherry on cheeks (use a tiny dab and blend it if your skin is light  –you just need a tiny bit). Ma Cherry works on all skin tones and if you’re paring down your makeup bag for travel, the short, stout swivel up stick is a fabulous choice.

The Advice Sisters are featuring the French Kiss Moisture Riche Lipstick in “Tatiana” on our feature about berries and red lips for Fall 2015. But the reason we love the French Kiss Lipstick in “Tatiana” by Votre Vu ($23.00) is the way the silky color looks natural on your lips, but it is still a warm red.  Good for your skin ingredients include pure, enriched natural plant waxes and Vitamin E plus a kiss of sun protection SPF 8. There is supposed to be a bit natural vanilla mint (I didn’t find it) but it’s a silky, lovely lipstick. You can add even more wearability to this lipstick with one of Votre Vu’s Drawmatic Lip Liners ($21.00) in “Spark.” this is a soft plum that looks like a soft browned rose on lips. It helps hold the lip line so your lipstick doesn’t travel, but the swivel-up, soft, blendable pencil still remains if your lipstick is starting to fade and you haven’ had time to touch it up.

Le Jolie Crayon  Set Soft Eye Liner with Sharpener in Charbon” ($23.00) is a gel pencil  liner for eyes and part of the Votre Vu “French Accents Collection. The silvery pencil has a super soft soft liner on one end but it very long lasting. The other side features a smudger tip on the other this pencil blends beautifull), Skin loving bonus thanks to  antioxidant Vitamin E ,(Avocade Oil), Vitamins A, B1, B2, D and E ,  Grape Seed Extract and the thing that makes the crayon so smooth: Candelilla Wax.

Palette Play  Eye Shadow Single ($19.00) from from the French Accents collection eye shadow in “Beaujolais”  is one of five solo colors *there are shadow quartets as well). Considering that plum, purple and berry shadows are trendy for Fall 2015, this is the one I choose! The shade looks brown in the compact, but looks like a soft, deep plum on lids that looks nice on all skin tones. The skin benefits are Vitamin E, jojoba oil and kaolin clay that gives you a blendable but long lasting, crease-proof color. These shadows have no talc, fragrance, low-cost minerals or  other common irritants.

The Votre Vu web site is the place to get all these amazing products.



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