Don’t Want a Crotchless Teddie from Him This Holiday ? This is a Must Read! #Holiday, #gifts, #IntimateGifts

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A Gift They’ll Never Return and Use Forever #Advice, #PersonalAdvice

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Oh How I Hate the Holidays! How to Handle the Season When You Aren’t Feeling Cheery #HolidayDepression #ReTweet

only Norman Rockwell could make this look good...your family memories may differ

Oh How I Hate the Holidays! How To Handle the Holidays When You're Not Feeling the "Cheer" Every … [Read more...]

Wedding Q&A: Meat at our wedding? No Way!

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An offer you can’t refuse? Free advice, or (nearly) immediate help

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Beauty Roundup – Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Edition


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Beauty Blog Coalition Weekly Roundup plus Leather and Lace Advice & SPICE @leatherandlaceadv @leatherlacspice #news


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How to Write an Online Dating Profile @eharmony @leatherlaceadv #dating

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Weekend Reads You Can’t Afford to Miss: Beauty, Advice and More

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The Advice Sisters’ New Venture Needs Your Input! @advicesisters @landlaceadvice

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