The most important skincare article you’ll ever read on Part I #SunFacts #SPF #Health

spf can save your skin

Today's feature is the most important sunscreen article you'll ever read on this … [Read more...]

Round em up! The Best Beauty Blogger’s Post of the Week

Beauty Blogger's Weekly RoundUp logo 2014

Round em up!  Beauty Blogger's fabulous posts, that is!  Here are some of this weeks' best from the … [Read more...]

An offer you can’t refuse? Free advice, or (nearly) immediate help

alison and tony

  get personal, private advice by email from Alison and Tony aka. "Leather & Lace" Personal, … [Read more...]

The Most Precious Gift You Can Give Yourself Or Someone Else

questions and answers computer

Personal, Private Advice is The Most Precious Gift You Can Give Yourself, Or Someone … [Read more...]

Guest Review: Guardians of the Galaxy


Last night we were having dinner with another couple at River Park (fabulous restaurant, if you … [Read more...]

The Parachute Jump in Coney Island, Rocks (video) #Brooklyn #BrooklynCyclones #coneyIsland


Last night I went to a Brooklyn Cyclones game in Coney Island. I should have been watching the game, … [Read more...]

Something New is Something Blue Eau de Parfum, by Oscar de la Renta

something blue by oscar de la renta

"Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue."   Every bride knows this phrase … [Read more...]

Alison Blackman is a real person, not a cartoon image! #advice #relationships


Alison Blackman is a real person, not a cartoon image!  After several decades online, I have to to … [Read more...]

Beauty Blog Weekly Roundup, Orange is the New Black Edition


Is Orange really the new black, or is that just a fabulous show on Netflex about women in prison? … [Read more...]

Beauty blog roundup – was that a wild turkey I just saw?


Spring is busting out all over. A wild turkey slowly makes it's way across the lawn, stopping … [Read more...]