Celebrate National Oatmeal Day with Beauty Benefits (you can eat it too, of course) #AveenoLovesOat #NationalOatmeal Day


An apple a day supposedly keep the doctor away, but did you know that OATMEAL is one of the … [Read more...]

Diamond Candle’s Spooky Scents for Halloween Have Sparkling Rings Inside @diamondcandles, #Halloween, #DiamondCandles


Burnin' For You ......Burn out the day Burn out the night I can't see no reason To put up a … [Read more...]

Lelo’s Luna Beads are Kegel Balls, for Fun, Pleasure and Health @Lelo_Official

LELO’s Luna Beads work to help strengthen PC muscles.

LELO'S LUNA BEADS ($50.00) They look kind of cute, paired up in twos, t they're not maracas or … [Read more...]

George Foreman knocks out burgers in 5 minutes flat @GeorgeForemanCo, @CluckNMoo, #GeorgeForemanGrill, #hamburger

geroge foreman grill with burgers

The name George Foreman is a part of popular culture, but very young people might associate his name … [Read more...]

“Spaghetti” from vegetables in seconds? Get this tool and you can do it!


Microplane I am going to share a personal secret with you:  I like watching those weekend … [Read more...]

Wonder what is your pet doing? This device will tell you right now @Motorola #PetMonitor

motorola pet monitor

Have you ever stopped in the middle of something and thought: "I wonder what my pet is doing right … [Read more...]

still using gas station knives? It’s time for an upgrade! @Wüsthof, #kitchengadgets


  Have you ever been to a restaurant where the meat was delicious, but the steak knife … [Read more...]

a unique device that offers harmony, peace & bliss with the power of OM @revelbody

revel body tips

A a reviewer of beauty, fashion and lifestyle products, and more recently and frequently on … [Read more...]

Victorious Victoria -Vika Azarenka’s a winner on & off the court with a big heart & a fabulous new CItizen Watch @Vika7, @CItizenWatch #CitizenEcoDrive #Vi

citizen student Vika design 1

One of my dearest friends has a girl crush on Victoria Azarenka.  "I've watched her literally grow … [Read more...]

An LG G3, Apple iPhone 6 Plus Comparison – Apple Plays Catch-Up @LGUS, @Apple, #ComparePhones, #AppleVsLG

Apple 6. Apple 6 plus , mobile phone, cell phone, android, apple, Apple phone, LG Phone, comparison between phones, camera, battery life, features, user experience, CPU, cost,

The 5.5" inch LG G3, Apple iPhone 6 Plus comparison - Apple Plays Catch-Up By Anthony Sabatini for … [Read more...]