Physicians Formula EYE Love You! New for Spring 2015 @PFCCosmetics, #beauty


At the launch of the new 2015 Physicians Formula products for Spring 2015,  Celebrity Makeup Artist … [Read more...]

Face Facts: prescription for beauty: new Physicians Formula Spring 2015 @PFCCosmetics, #beauty

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Physicians Formula is one of those brands that amazes and mystifies me. They amaze me because they … [Read more...]

books I overlooked, but shouldn’t have (+ some new ones)

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I apologize, Mea Culpa, I'm sorry, lo siento mucho.  It's been months since I've posted a book … [Read more...]

light a candle and hit a jackpot! @JackPotCandles

this is a photo of  the actual ring and the actual necklace I  fished out of my Jackpot candles!

    There are many definitions for the work "Jackpot" and some of them were bewildering when I … [Read more...]

lose your heart, your inhabitions, or your nerve, but never your “stuff” @TheTileApp


  Do you misplace things? I know I do, all the time. Sometimes I even have to call my phone to … [Read more...]

Jewelry that really makes scents: Blending Bead sets from Lisa Hoffman Beauty @LHBeauty

lisa hoffman gold blending bracelet

If you have ever enjoyed a fragrance and thought it was wonderful, but wanted to tweak it with … [Read more...]

what makes a great makeup brush and how do I choose them?

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Most makeup compacts come with applicators, but if you're savvy, you save those mini-sized tools for … [Read more...]

Your Washing Machine is Sabotaging Your Clothes (maybe it’s your detergent),

there is a lot of testing, science and innovation behind the products you choose to wash your clothes with.

      Ever since a caveman (or more likely, an enterprising cavewoman) … [Read more...]

A powerful, anti-aging face serum embraced by celebs –Should you buy it? @EMKBH

ermk placental serum bottle

EMK Placental has been one of my "go-to" favorite skincare lines for a number of years now. It is … [Read more...]

beautify your lips fast and fabulously Citilips


Ever since Angelina Jolie burst onto the scene with her full lips, women have been coveting the look … [Read more...]