Gigi Hadid’s sizzling sunlight look at the VMAs last night @GigiHadid, @Pureology, @Maybelline, #VMA2015

Gigi Hadid at the VMAs

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this “spatula’s” not for cooking but it can whip up better skin! @TrophySkin, #Skincare

woman using the labelle skin spatula

  When I think of spatulas, I think of cooking, You probably do as well.  But … [Read more...]

An Essential Luxury from Oscar De La Renta — you’ll want at least one! #OscarDeLaRenta, #EssentialLuxuries, #fragrance

Oscar de la Renta Essential Luxurious collection

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6 Unique Beauty Products We’re Sure You Can’t Do Without

makeup eraser

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Smooth Your Senses & Skin With Roses from Phytomer @PhytomerUSA, #faveproducts

phytomer dinner at Junoon with Angela and Alisha of Phytomer and Candice Sabatini of BeautyNewsNYC

  Phytomer's Newest: A Spa Style Routine to Pleasure Your Senses and Smooth Your Skin  By … [Read more...]

Booze-y Blog Post! Sampling Unique Wine, Spirits, Beer & Books @TheUsquaebach, @papaspilar, @Angels_Envy

mysterious cocktail drinker

  Booze-y Blog Post! Sampling Unique Wine, Spirits, Beer and Books Booze-y beverages are … [Read more...]

Stories from beauty blogs you might not have read yet & what’s hot on this week

beauty blog coalition weekly roundup

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Sì by Giorgio Armani Winner, Prestige Fragrance of the Year! @Armani, #SibyGiorgioArmani, #Fragrance, #FragranceFoundation

si by giorgio armani grouping of fragrances

  When a fragrance wins the coveted Prestige Fragrance award of the year from the Fragrance … [Read more...]

I was shocked when I received this message!

alison blackman

    Is this web site unsafe for children? The other day I was checking my web stats … [Read more...]

These Cosmetics are shockingly unique (you’ll want them all) #cosmetics, #makeup, #beauty

stowaway cosmetics lipsticks in a hand

These Cosmetics are shockingly unique (you'll want them all)!! Cosmetics can be utilitarian, luxe, … [Read more...]