Finding love for Valentine’s Day may be challenging, but finding nail colors to love is sinfully easy @SinfulColors, #beauty, #ValentinesDay

sinful colors valentine's day lineup

Whats red or pink, sparkling, and sprinkled with love?  If you are looking at this photo, you know … [Read more...]

A review of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Review – You’d Better WORK!

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 display sprint

The Galaxy Note 4 Review - Getting Work Done By Anthony … [Read more...]


busardi haute couture fashion show 2015

   I didn't make it to Couture Fashion week in Paris this season, but I am able to bring you a … [Read more...]

Ice, Ice, Baby! Wear celebration jewelry that gives to a worthy cause #IceBucketJewelry

icebucket jewelery

  Imagine having a disease for which there is no cure, with an average survival rate from onset to … [Read more...]

Prime Time for a fab multi tasker from M.A.C. Cosmetics #SPF, #SunProtection, #Beauty

mac prep and prime spf 50

As I write this, the big storm of the Century hasn't occurred, and it looks gloomy outside, but … [Read more...]

Schiaparelli, Paris wows with “ode to self-confidence” (see photos, and sigh!) #HauteCoutureFashionWeek

Look 21bis

Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2015 “Reflections of Elsa” This is a show I really wish I'd … [Read more...]

6 ways to Send Dry Skin Scurrying before “Snowmageddon!! @beauticontrol, @HuildesPrincess, @Beautypress,@Darphin, @NordicBeauty, @Juara, @Dermend

dry skin

 Do you like cold weather?  Lots of people do, but I'm not one of them!  No matter how many warm … [Read more...]

Agonizing over gifts for Valentine’s Day or another Special Day. Watch this show on Vimeo #Gifts, #advice, #leatherandlace

alison blackman and tony sabatini on the dr. joy show

Dr Joy:  What Makes A Good Gift?  Alison:  Whatever is, it's not about cost:  It has to be something … [Read more...]

6 products that K/O itchy, scaly, dry, cracked skin in Winter #WinterSkin, #beauty

woman trudging through the snow in winter

  Winter can really dry out your skin and make it feel itchy, scaly, dry and even cracked to … [Read more...]

my supervisor talked trash about me so I trashed her back! #advice, #career

a&T1214 hedshot

Handling Negative Comments From A Supervisor     I am a junior manager in a … [Read more...]