Celebrate the launch of Reislings 2013 with fabulous finds in Finger Lakes Wines @FingerLakesWine, #FLX2013, #Winechat


  A virtual wine tasting is a great way to taste wine with like-minded people from … [Read more...]

Mastering Bordeaux? Easier Than You Think @BordeauxWines, @Sopexa, #wine, #Bordeaux

people lisening to wine talk

One reason people love to play golf, I am told, is that you can never play a perfect game, and there … [Read more...]

Almond Dreams? Take Five (or cinq amandes) for the holidays #Gifts. @TheFiveAlmonds, #holiday2015


Les Cinq Amandes features almonds, but not just any ordinary Jordan almond or chocolate candy you'd … [Read more...]

George Foreman knocks out burgers in 5 minutes flat @GeorgeForemanCo, @CluckNMoo, #GeorgeForemanGrill, #hamburger

geroge foreman grill with burgers

The name George Foreman is a part of popular culture, but very young people might associate his name … [Read more...]

“Spaghetti” from vegetables in seconds? Get this tool and you can do it!


Microplane I am going to share a personal secret with you:  I like watching those weekend … [Read more...]

still using gas station knives? It’s time for an upgrade! @Wüsthof, #kitchengadgets


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Hooray for Vouvray & Virtual Wine Tastings (you’ve gotta try them) @Snooth @loirevalleywine #UrLoire

Chenin Blanc grapes

As readers of this site know, we are huge fans of Snooth.com and particularly of their virtual wine … [Read more...]

Looking to the Future, Make It Moldova (if its wine)


Moldova:  Looking to the Future Moldova is a small country sandwiched between Ukraine and … [Read more...]

Selwyn Birchwood rocks the blues (take a listen)


I went to the Sellersville Theater in Pennsylvania to see bluesman extraordinaire Guitar Shorty, and … [Read more...]

Two Top Ways to Stop Noise, NOW! #AudioTechnica


Invasive searches, long lines, obnoxious passengers, delays, high cost --these are just a few of the … [Read more...]