He wants to control her and she’s scared! (from Leather and Lace Advice)

This week’s post from Leatherandlaceadvice.com is getting a lot of feedback, so I thought I would repost it here on advicesisters.com. When does someone’s concern for your well being and love for your company become smothering and way too much? When does it cross the line? Is is controlling to require your partner to tell you where she is going at night or who she will be with? It is too much control to require her to check in? I am “Lace” in the partnership of Leather and Lace Advice (and also the more adult site, leatherandlacespice.com). I think this reader question is an important one. I hope you will agree!  

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Now: here is the question:

I have been seeing “Dennis” for a few months. I love him very much and I know he loves me. We are already talking about marriage. But we have a serious problem that I think might ruin our relationship: whenever I want to spend time with my friends…

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