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Round em up!  Beauty Blogger’s fabulous posts, that is!  Here are some of this weeks’ best from the Beauty Blog Coalition, including one from The Advice Sisters (in case you missed it)


news…and while we’re rounding up the newest posts of the week, here is some news from The Advice Sisters and Leather and Lace Spice and Advice:



advice and support






I am once again offering readers personal, private advice services by email. You can choose to submit a question just for me to answer on, or for Tony Sabatini and I to answer on our and web sites using an exclusive Double-take (two views for every question) format. You can ask a question for free, but sometimes you just want a more personal and fast response.   That’s where the email advice service is ideal. Whether you choose our free service or or private one, the your privacy is our #1 priority (our privacy policy). To learn more visit the Advice Sisters Private Email service page or the Leather and Lace Advice/Spice Email Service page


is it love or is her somethering her?!

New on Leather and lace Advice this week:  He Wants to Control Her, and She’s Scared! When is too much “love” not love at all?  A reader question really got to us —  meet “Abby,” whose boyfriend wont’ even let her go out with her family and friends. How much control is too much?

a secret love affair can be very stressful

New on Leather and Lace Spice this week:  They’re boyfriend and girlfriend, but no one knows it!  Carla’s in love but she can’t tell anyone–it’s complicated. She writes to Leather and Lace that the one person she feels she can tell about it doesn’t really want to listen. A secret love can be really stressful, so where can she turn? Read Alison and Tony’s advice to her in our Q&A We Have A Secret Love Affair & We Can’t Talk About It 



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