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Sophie is adorable, isn’t she? But she has asked me to re-post her request on this web site and since she is a dog (and dogs generally are not good typists), I’m doing it for her.  The point is,  I’ve been asked to add a pet-human relationships advice section to my web sites leather and lace advice and leather and lace spice, and, but to do so, there has to be enough interest, interaction and reader questions to make it viable. So Sophie has asked if I’ll ask YOU to share her request, because she really wants this relationship advice!  Think about how many times a pet has helped, or hurt, a relationship you’ve had with another person?  But where can you really go for advice?  No one is answering these difficult questions.   I will, for Sophie, and for all the pet lovers (and those who have problems with other people’s pets) out there, but only if there is a definite show of support first.  So please share this on social media, and anywhere else you can think of where people, and pets, are an interest.  If you think a pet/people/relationships column is a good idea, help Sophie out and use this contact form to ask a question, send comments, etc.

Here are all the ways you can contact me. Sophie thanks you in advance

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sophieAlison Blackman Dunham –published author and expert in relationships, wants you to check out her views on a new puppy in an already shaky relationship; a boyfriend who hates his girlfriend’s cats (in archives). Alison wants to bring her expert eye to issues involving pets and their human’s relationships, with your help!!!!! Our pet relationships are so important, and we want an advice column that speaks to us specifically!!!
Send her your questions–all questions answered and privacy is kept private!Friend Alison, and send her your questions! If enough animal lovers send their questions, the advice website will add a new column to discuss pets!

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