A Lettter To My Love on Valentines Day



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Real love is one of the most magical but complex things in the universe. It is actually very difficult to describe it.  But on this special day — Valentines’ Day — I’ll try to explain how I feel about you:

I am and will always be an individual. But loving you makes me part of something larger than just me.  As our lives connect,  we become stronger, happier, better.  You motivate me to try harder to be a person we can both be proud of.  

The realization that you are truly in love with someone is so powerful, it can take your breath away  My heart beats a little faster when you are near me. When you enter a room, I see only you, even if there are others around.  I have plenty of physical desire for you, but there is also a sort of peaceful,  joyful,  intrinsic feeling that have I whenever I think of you.  It envelops me like a soft, warm blanket. The world feels like a nicer place because I have been blessed with our special connection. This  knowledge consoles me, even when the other aspects of my  life aren’t so perfect.

And there is so much more to how I feel about you. There is a genuine selflessness to love. I truly want the best for you in every way. Your success, well being and happiness mean as much or more to me than my own.  It gives me pleasure to do whatever I can to make your life better, happier and easier. I would willingly, gladly make a sacrifice for you just because something is important to you, even if I might actually suffer because of it.

As I see it, love is a sort of involuntary submission — one that I have found myself eagerly, gladly submitting to, even thought sometimes I think it doesn’t make any logical sense.  I will love you even if you irritate or disappoint or even anger me.  No one is perfect,  but I love you for all that you are. Nothing you can or will do will change my feelings, whether you are near me,  far away, or gone, forever.  My heart is mine to give, and there is no one else that can have it, but you.  I am yours.

You can love more than one person in a lifetime, but the opportunity for a true love connection is rare.  If you find it, you are really lucky.

I am so lucky I found you.

I love you.

Happy Valentines’ Day

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