A ring with a “Sapphire gem” from Bombay for just $45! #ReVetro, @Etsy, #EarthDay

bombay sapphire gin ring

A ring with a “Sapphire gem” from Bombay for just $45.00 Can this be true?  Well, YES, actually

What you are looking at is a genuine “Sapphire gem” from Bombay for just $45.00. It’s chic and eye-catching, but it’s not the kind of sapphire you might think. In fact, the sapphire gem in this ring is made from recycled glass –a Bombay Sapphire bottle, to be exact!

The Bombay Sapphire Gin Pewter Ring by Revetro is handmade, from repurposed glass Bombay Sapphire Gin Bottle  with a wide and adjustable, hammered, Recycled Pewter Band. The sand-blasted blue “gem” looks expensive and precious, but you’ll know it’s something much more unique than a regular sapphire. The ring is bezel-set and looks very nicely crafted.  You can get other “stones” from different bottles such as Grey Goose and cocoa-cola. The ring easily adjusted to virtually all my fingers, but I think a man with a large hand could still wear this as a pinky ring. It’s bold and the band is wide..the look is unisex.

Leslie,  Creative Founder and Eco Artist of Revetro formerly worked from 2009-2013  for another company that repurposed glass bottles into glassware, lighting, jewelry and reclaimed wood products.  With more than  35+ years in visual arts and applied design. she needed to move forward in her career, and so she founded reVetro was born with her daughther-in-law, Kelly (I love that!).  Together, they co-founded reVetro and have several new lines that are on the drawing boards that (as time permits) they plan to introduce. 

jameson bangles

One of the things I really like about this company is not just the creativity of the designs, but also the affordability.  There are rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces and the most expensive I could find (at about $60.00) n Etsy where the jewelry is sold,  was a ring like the one I received to review, but this time not from a Bombay Sapphire bottle but from Recycled Glass Bottles of  Jameson Irish Whiskey Bottle.  The “stone” looks just like an emerald, but of course, it’s much much cheaper and eco-friendly.  The Bangles I am showing you here also from Jameson Irish Whisky bottles are just $9.00 each!


Another brand new line is the reVetro upcycled glass copper charm line. The inspiration behind these recycled glass charms materialized over the past year as we the creators tried to find ways to repurpose an entire bottle without leaving any glass behind.  The  tear drop and copper framed square charms are handcrafted from the glass remnants of  their other designs. Every glass charm in this line is one of a kind.

reVetro is located in San Diego, California and has been operating since 2009.    These are truly interesting, well crafted items that will make you feel “Earth friendly” today on Earth Day, and throughout the year, They’d make great mother’s day and graduation gifts, too. To learn more visit  www.revetroglass.com  and reVetro Etsy


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