Batty for the Dottie Scarf by Fraas @fraas_scarf


the Dottie scarf by Fraas for Spring 2014

the Dottie scarf by Fraas for Spring 2014

I am batty for the Dottie scarf by Fraas for Spring 2014!
Showcasing new accessories by Fraas in our Advice Sisters Fashion Column, such as the Dottie Scarf  by Fraas, shown in the photo above, has almost become a rite of the season for The Advice Sisters.
When I think of Spring, I immediately think of clear, bright colors and also, for some reason, polka dots.  I can’t tell you exactly why I feel happy when I see dotted fabric, but do you ever see polka dots in Winter?  Nuh-uh!
The Dottie Scarf  (#625827) was sent to us by Fraas to consider as a Spring accessory, and when we saw the photo, we knew we had to review it. The  28 x 76 inch Dottie, in semi-sheer, lightweight, drape-y polyester, is long enough to wear as a wrap or a scarf, or as a belt. It comes in the colors shown above and it’s just  $32.00 so you won’t go broke adding it as a statement piece to your Spring wardrobe.  I chose the lime green because it’s just such a fun color, but these colors are so bright, any one of them is going to liven up an outfit.  If you wear a lot of neutral colors, this scarf adds a playful “pop!” of color without going overboard.
There are so many ways to wear scarves. If you travel, scarves can take the place of pricey (and heavy) jewelry that you really don’t want to carry. Scarves also pack flat, so you can bring a wardrobe of them and change them up to make a limited wardrobe look more interesting.
One of the newer trends is to purchase a scarf ring or pendant, and simply slip it onto a long scarf like this Dottie, wearing the scarf like a looped necklace or a belt. You can also take two soft scarves and twist them together for a totally different look.
This particular Dottie scarf won’t shield you from the sun’s rays, but it’s even wide and long enough to wear as a short sarong over a bathing suit, in a pinch.
What are your favorite ways to wear scarves?

Known for creativity along with technology, scarf brand FRAAS has been a category leader for almost 135 years.  The Advice Sisters got a chance to see a lot of new Fraas scarves at a preview event a while back — there were so many gorgeous ones!  The newest line has an average retail price of  $25.00 – $110.00  with a wide variety of sizes and styles. FRAAS products are sold worldwide via department and specialty stores as well as online retailers. They may also order from the company by calling 212-575-0191. Select styles are available on and

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