Celebrate the “Day of Love” With a Unique Bracelet from Isabelle Grace @igracejewelry

When you’re thinking about what to give someone on the classic “day of love”, Valentine’s Day, February 14th, the gift doesn’t have to be expensive as much as it has to come from the heart and be personal.  One company that really embodies that concept of “personal” is Isabelle Grace jewelry. As their tag line says, they “specialize in creating jewelry that celebrates life! Your life and what you’re about.”
isabelleClaudia Montez , the creator of Isabelle Grace, shown here with her beautiful daughters, has been quoted as being inspired by a gold locket that her grandmother wore that held a photo of her grandfather.  She loved the fact that is was so personal, and she wanted to carry that beautiful tradition, forward. Her Isabelle Grace Collection is inscribed with special words, or you can custom inscribe a piece for someone close to you, or for a special occasion. But whether it’s ready-made or custom, it’s going to be a special keepsake.

Elena Double Bangle G 500HR copy

In that spirit, I can’t think of anything better for Valentine’s day!   Honestly, some personalized pieces just scream “sappy” or “tacky” but there are plenty of pieces of jewelry on the Isabelle Grace Web Site that are chic as well as sentimental.  For example, this Elena Double Bangle ($118.00) featuring a fine silver initial charm in a brushed matte finish with a signature, elegant script,  gold lettering –but the disk has a surprise!  The double sided disk can be customized with 2 initials of your choice. The sterling silver bangles are lightly hammered for sparkle and interest. The initial charm is approx. 11/16th of an inch, the size of a penny.  You can also order this piece with black lettering instead of the gold ($20.oo less, actually).  I really like the quality of this piece. It looks much expensive than it is, and it looks like it will last through the generations as a treasured keepsake. There are plenty of charm bangles you can buy, but the double initial charm is a nice touch, and the double bangle itself really make the look a lot more substantial than a single one.  If you are really into lots of bangles, or you’re a man who really wants to give his sweetheart a very special gift, order two bangles.  Put put your initials on one bangle, hers, on the other. Then she has both! it’s romantic, and still a lot less costly than just one of the many “chain store” (and boring) pieces of jewelry being touted as the thing to give for V-day.

Fashion Tip:  I broke my right hand a couple of years ago, and found that squeezing my hand into a bangle has become extremely painful if the bangle is too small, but the Isabelle Grace bangle sent to me for review was slightly roomier than some, so I could easily slip my hand in and out of it without pain. While this isn’t going to be an issue for most people, it’s just nice to know that the company didn’t scrimp on the sizing.  However, if you happen to have particularly large hands and want to know how to slip bangles on and off with ease, here’s a tip you might not know about — slip a stocking or knee high over your hand and then slip the bangle over your hand onto your wrist. You’ll be amazed at how much more easily bangles, especially very thick ones, slide on without a struggle!

This is just one of many interesting and sentimental pieces of jewelry you can find on the Isabelle Grace Web Site.  There’s so much more to check out –something for everyone’s taste, including a new, Pinterest-inspired collection of quotes founder Claudia Montez found on Pinterest called “Pinspirations” .

All jewelry from Isabelle Grace is handmade, so  if you want to get this in time for Valentine’s Day, place your order 3-4 week in advance.  That is why I’m posting this feature more than a month in advance. Visit  IsabelleGraceJewelry.com

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