Fashion Week Fall 2013 Runway Report: Timo Weiland @TimoWeiland #fashion #MBFW



Timo Weiland’s youthful designs appeal to the fashionista who isn’t going to walk the red carpet in a full length gown, but who wants to show the world that she’s fashion-savvy and (dare I use the word?) “trendy.”  Plaids, short skirts, and thigh high boots added a schoolgirl-ish look to outfits that will appeal very much to Gossip Girl types. Polo hats seemed to be a nod to gangnam style Take just about any piece from Weiland’s collection, and it will breathe new life into a woman’s existing wardrobe.  That way, Weiland’s designs work  for everyone.

As with many designers this season, Timo Weiland relied on sturdy and substantial fabrics with lots of layers,  leather, wool.    With subdued colors, mostly black, white, plum, navy and  khaki, plus a few pops of red, the excitement was in the details. A standout was the bell shaped dress worn with thigh high boots. Girls get ready for a hot date or a party by adding some jewelry, substituting the polo hat for a headband, and the boots, for pumps.

We liked the flats, wedges and boots from Timo Weiland’s collection for TSUBO that seemed to straddle the hard-to-define gap between feminine and functional.The Timo Weiland collection of boots and shoes for TSUBO will have lots of urban chicks, looking chic (but comfortable).


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